Botcon 2008 Jim Simon Denton

Jim in the middle, with Simon Furman on the right and Denton Tipton on the left, at the BotCon 2008 IDW Panel

Jim Sorenson (born July 15th, 1976) is a Los Angeles-based Transformers fan who freelances with IDW Publishing. Along with Bill Forster, he restored and did layouts of character designs in the Ark books. He also wrote the copy and compiled the material from fans and professionals like Hydra and Bob Budiansky. In the course of compiling this material, he came across several original series notes, some of which (nicknames and extended biographies) he has made available to online forums. He is also an active participant on this wiki.

Prior to making the leap to pro, he had been a longtime fan, contributing to as early as 1994. He was perhaps best known for deciphering the Maximal and Predacon languages as used in the Beast Wars show and making the text, in canonical order, available as a true-type font.[1] In the late '90s, Sorenson created fonts based on writing in "Cosmic Rust" and "Decepticon Graffiti!"; in 2007, these fonts were retroactively made official when they were incorporated into the AllSpark Wars Mini-ARG (Alternate Reality Game).



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