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Joe is an Autobot Micromaster from the Return of Convoy portion of the Generation One continuity family.

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Joe combines with his teammates to form Sixliner.


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Return of Convoy

  • Sixliner (1991)
Japanese ID number:
Originally released in a giftset with his fellow Micromaster trains, Joe transforms into bullet train locomotive. His rear hitch allows him to connect end-to-end with his teammates D-Go, Night and Leif. He forms the right leg of Sixliner.

This mold was redecoed into Windy and Universe Midnight Express.

Micromaster Collection

  • Joe (2002)
    • Accessories:
Joe and his teammates were re-released in Japan in 2002, this time sold in identical individual boxes. Joe was #x in the set, identifiable only by the number on his instruction sheet visible through a small hole in the box. Like the rest of the Micromaster Collection figures, Joe 's stickers were either replaced with tampographs or dropped entirely.

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