"Let's see, I am the Lord your God, that can stay. Thou shalt not kill. That's gotta go. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's wife. Meh, no one ever remembers that one, anyway."

Jon Voight (December 29, 1938- ) is an American actor. He's also Angelina Jolie's dad, so that makes him somewhat notable. Among his many roles, his most notable was perhaps in the film Anaconda, where he played the Old Guy Eaten by the Snake, and "Runaway Train", Where he played Oscar "Manny" Manheim. By the end of the summer of 2007, it was the shotgun-toting Secretary of Defense instead.

Oh, and he was in Midnight Cowboy and Deliverance. And won an Best Actor Oscar. But that's all of subsidiary importance, frankly.

Transformers (2007)

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