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June Darby is a human from Prime continuity family.

June Darby

Voice Actor: Markie Post (US)

June Darby is like any mother: She worries, cares, is protective, and loves her son dearly. She is also strict, as she made it a rule for Jack to wear a helmet every time he rode his motorcycle, and when he kept staying out late and lying enough to drive her to ground him unaware the reasons behind his behavior was because he couldn't tell her then about the Autobots.

When she becomes aware of the Autobots' existence, she becomes increasingly protective enough to test even Arcee's patience but they soon make amends. As a nurse, she has a certain relationship and respect for Ratchet, and seems to have a bit of a thing for Optimus.


June works as a nurse and is capable of providing medical care and basic first-aid aside for more serious injuries or illnesses.


  • June is named after Jeff Kline's mother June and daughter Darby.
  • Miko refers to June as "helicopter mom" due to her overprotective tendencies.
  • June Darby's license plate is "RPI-437".
  • Her car resembles a Ford Crown Victoria.
  • It seems that her idea of a good, wholesome meal includes organic tofu.
  • According to her son, June is lactose intolerant.