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KT TF groupshot

Group shot of the collection.

KT Figure Collection is a brand co-owned by Kaiyodo and Takara. The letters "K" and "T" stand for "Kaiyodo" and "Takara", respectively.


KT Figure Collection - The Transformers (2004)

KT Figure Collection - The Transformers is a PVC/ABS figure collection designed by Yūki Ōshima and produced by KT. Yep, you can see two extremely different styles of Yūki Ōshima's works.
The collection contains one mini-bust of Optimus Prime, two redeco figures of Frenzy and Rumble, and two dioramas, one from "The Transformers: The Movie" and an original scene made by Ōshima.
Each figure is packed with a trading card. There is an artwork from Dreamwave on the front side of each card and a description about the character, written as if narrated by holographic avatar Ai-chan, on the back.
The collection contains the following items:

KT Figure Collection - The Transformers Figure-Oh exclusive (2004)

Convoy "Revival version"
Issue 82 of the hobby magazine Figure-Oh (Figure King) came with a redeco version of Optimus Prime's mini-bust. It is painted completely silver, making him appear to be coated with the special alloy from The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2.

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