Kaltor is an Autobot from the Generation One continuity family.
Kaltor G1

Other Kronoforms might be thinkers or lovers, but Kaltor is clearly a fighter.

Kaltor transforms from a robot to a time machine styled after a human calculator watch.

It is unknown whether he needed to be in watch mode to travel in time, or if he was able to access the ability in both modes. It is also unknown whether he retains his tiny size when not a watch.


Generation One

  • Kaltor (Kronoform, 1984)
Sold as part of the Takara Kronoform line in the United States (in Transformers packaging), Kaltor transforms from a robot to a working digital calculator-watch (remember when those were really awesome?). He originated in the same Japanese Microman subline that spawned Scorpia and most of the other Transformers watches, as well as scores of knockoffs. Like most of the official Transformers watches, Kaltor is rather rare nowadays.


  • The packaging for Kaltor shows the entire Kronoform line for 1984. How many of these toys were actually sold in Transformers packaging is unknown, it's possible only Autoceptor and Kaltor were. (The third known Generation One Kronoform, Deceptor, is not shown, and while Scorpia is, the only confirmed Transformers release of that mold is in Generation 2).

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