Keiji Yamaguchi is a creature developer at Industrial Light and Magic and was a technical animator on Transformers. Yamaguchi, who came to ILM from Japan in 2001, brought elements such as shiko, the squatting done by sumo wrestlers, and martial arts poses, like those of Bruce Lee, into choreographing the Transformers' complicated motions.

Yamaguchi was responsible to revising Optimus Prime's design to give it a stronger, more heroic look after telling director Michael Bay that he didn't believe it looked heroic enough.[1] Yamaguchi was also developed the process of the Transformers transforming while in motion based upon the bōsōzoku, Japanese biker gangs.[2]


  1. interview with visual effects supervisor Scott Farrar where he tells the story of Yamaguchi's involvement
  2. Variety article on Keiji Yamaguchi's work on Transformers

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