Kirk is an Autobot from the Headmasters portion of the Generation One continuity family.


Kirk is one of the Headmaster Warriors, the group of diminutive young robots training on the planet Master to become fully-fledged Headmasters.

Cracked-out RTM dub name: Gus


Headmasters animated series

Voice actor: Kazumi Tanaka

When Scorponok’s Decepticons returned to planet Master, Kirk served as the leader of the resistance group that formed to oust them. They met with little success, until the Autobot Headmasters arrived on the planet in pursuit of the Decepticons. Chromedome arranged a meeting with Kirk to formulate a new plan, intending to corral the Decepticons amidst the cloudy peaks of a nearby mountain range. The plan was put into motion when the villains attacked a city, but backfired when the clouds did nothing but provide the Decepticons with cover, which only increased their advantage. During the firefight, Kirk’s fighter craft was shot down and Chromedome believed him dead; when the battle was concluded with a Decepticon victory, Kirk hauled himself from the wreckage of his craft. Chromedome apologised for the recklessness of his plan, but Kirk admitted that he was to blame too for willingly going along with it. Operation: Destroy the Destrons

(Note: For whatever reason, Kirk’s color model is completely different from his toy, decorated with green, blue, yellow, grey and white, where the toy was grey and red.)

TV Magazine Masterforce prologue

Some time later, after the Decepticons had been forced off of Earth and a larger war began based around use of advanced technology from Planet Master, Chromedome and the other Headmasters took it upon themselves to train Kirk and the other Headmaster Warriors in the use of their powers.


Kirk toy


Generation One

  • Kirk (Headmaster Warrior, 1987)
Available exclusively in Japan, Kirk transforms from a grey and red robot into a head, in which mode he can connect to any of the larger Headmaster toys. He goes for ludicrous sums of money on the secondary market, to say nothing of the super-rare, entirely white version of the figure which was only available in certain Japanese toy stores.

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