The Klud is an aquatic beast in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Whar be Cap'n Ahab, matey?

'Tis a monster most foul, the Klud! Native to the churning oceans of Pequod, and long thought extinct, the mighty beast is a terror of the high seas!

'Tis not Moby Dick, no indeed, so dash that thought from yer land-lubbin' brain, mate.

Marvel Comics

On the moon of VsQs, a scientist -- presumably wounded by the Matrix Spawn -- escaped in a life pod. The pod crashed in the ocean of Pequod, and was swallowed along with its dead passenger by a dying Klud, possibly the last of its breed. The Matrix energy permeating the dead scientist infused the Klud with new life.

The revitalized Klud became a terror around the city of Gottlieb, destroying several boats and attracting unwanted attention that threatened the city's vacation tourism trade. A bounty posted by city officials for the creature attracted all manner of thrill- and profit-seekers... as well as three Autobots searching for the lost Creation Matrix.

Investigating the wreckage of two boats, the Autobots encountered the Klud itself -- which promptly bit off Longtooth's leg below the knee. The enounter left the Autobot in a state of madness, driven to revenge. Longtooth stole a craft and hunted the creature for six days, finally running it down. Oddly enough, the Klud was saved by a Decepticon attack, as Thunderwing sought clues to the Matrix's whereabouts. Despite the battle, Longtooth yet again managed to draw a bead on the worn-down Klud, until Pincher managed to talk him down by reminding him of his Autobot code of honor.

Longtooth stayed his hand, and the Klud, though wounded, swam away alive.

Yarr. Deadly Obsession

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