Krakon is a mechanoid from the IDW portion of the Generation One continuity family.
SpotlightNightbeat Krakon


Krakon, a mechanoid from the planet Hyperion, is a trader of many things, most of which are valuable and illegal. Banned weapons, artifacts of unusual origin, you can be sure that Krakon will demand a nice price for his findings.


IDW Generation One comics

SpotlightNightbeat NightbeatKrakon

...Krakoff. Hahahahahnnnh

Krakon offered Nightbeat a rare find indeed: part of the flight recorder to the long-lost Ark. However, when Nightbeat rendezvoused with Krakon to make the sale, he found Krakon near-dead, his life-force seemingly just drained out of him.

The mechanoid managed to utter a few warnings about a "hole in the world" before he died, that world being Gorlam Prime. Nightbeat, of course, went to investigate.

Krakon may very well have been an unwitting pawn in the whole affair, his job being to send Nightbeat on his way to Gorlam. Spotlight: Nightbeat


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