Kranix is a Lithonian from the Generation One continuity family.

"My god. It's full of stars."

Kranix is the last survivor of the consumed planet Lithone. Well-versed in the art of combat, the friar warrior Kranix has an advanced artificial intelligence, possessing a full range of emotion. But unlike his late companion Arblus, this emotion does not cripple him with fear. Rather, he's friendly and polite, seeming almost human.

That is, until his present situation, which has carved a faultline in his chivalrous exterior.


The Transformers: The Movie

Voice actor: Norman Alden (US), ? (Japan)

Kranix was the only survivor of his home planet Lithone, destroyed by Unicron. Narrowly escaping the crumbling planet in a ship, Kranix eventually crash-landed on the planet Quintessa, home of the Sharkticons and their cruel masters, the Quintessons. Kranix, as far as he was aware the last of his species, was captured by the natives and locked up, briefly conversing with Kup and Hot Rod in the adjacent cell, before being sentenced to death in the Sharkicon Pit. Despite his pleas for mercy and reprieve, he was eaten alive as Kup and Hot Rod looked on, his agonised, withering scream marking the gruesome end of Lithone's only survivor.

Note: In the Marvel Comics adaptation of the movie, Kranix and Arblus were running from mysterious acid mist that is eclipsing their planet, when Arblus is overtaken and devoured by the mist. Fearing for his life, Kranix transformed into his spaceship mode and fled Lithone as it dissolved.

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