The LG Versa is a Decepticon — at least somebody think so.

LG Versa commercial

A guy walks out of a store with his new buyed LG Versa. Then, a gigantic robot walks towards him. The robot keeps saying his mobile phone is a Decepticon. The guy doesn't believe it, saying that it's a LG Versa. Than he says it has: a camera (phone transforms into camera), computer (phone transforms into laptop), and a GPS system (phone transforms into gps). When the robot says once more that it's a Decepticon, the guy still won't believe it. then another robot jumps down, trying to grasp the phone. the guy get's scared, saying that he will put the phone down.



Transformers Revenge of the Fallen LG Commercial00:31

Transformers Revenge of the Fallen LG Commercial

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