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Only TWO THINGS come from Iacon, boy!!!

The Land Military Team might just be the toughest bunch of roughnecks the Mini-Cons ever produced. Each one is a top-notch soldier with incredible firepower at their disposal, to say nothing of their wealth of military experience and tactical know-how. Luckily for the Autobots, the Land Military Team is mainly interested in freeing their people from Decepticon tyranny!

The Land Military Mini-Con Team consists of...

French-Canadian name: Équipe Militaire de Terre des Minimodus
Spanish name: Los Minimodus - Equipo Militar Terrestre



  • Land Military Team (Basic, 2002/2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-03
The Land Military Team was released in the first wave of the Armada toyline. All 3 members featured firing Missile Launchers.
This mold set was used to make the Night Attack Mini-Con Team and the Cybertron Air Defense Mini-Con Team.
  • Ironhide & Search with Land Military Microns (Multi-pack, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MS-03
The Land Military Team were available in Japan both as an individual team and in a multi-pack with Demolishor.
  • Land Military Microns X-Dimension(Basic, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-08
Only released in Japan, the X-Dimension version was a limited-edition (but still normal retail) redeco of the Land Military Team.

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