The Lazalt aliens are a mysterious race in the cartoon portion of the Generation One continuity family.

The Lazalt aliens are a mysterious alien race that built stone ruins on the planet Zel Samine, and possibly Earth.

Their origins and fate are unknown, but judging by their architecture, the Lazalt aliens are scaled like humans, not Transformers.


Transformers (Atlus)

The Lazalt aliens built a Incan-style temple on Zel Samine, and left behind crystal artifacts of considerable power, including the Gem of Mystery and the Zel Quartz. When the Transformers discovered these artifacts in 2003, Megatron was reminded of the crystal they had found in a temple in the Andes Mountains on Earth, suggesting that it too was the work of the Lazalt aliens. Transformers (Atlus)


  • The Lazalt aliens were never named as such, but their ruins were called the Lazalt Ruins.
  • When Megatron remembers the crystal from Earth, he is recalling the events of the cartoon episode, "Fire on the Mountain".