Legend! The Green Warrior is the thirty-eighth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on January 20, 1999 on TV Tokyo.




As Lio Jr reaches the inner chambers of the Nemesis, he struggles as he fights the flow of Angolmois Energy. The thought of saving Lioconvoy from being destroyed keep Lio Jr going. As he proceeds down the chamber, he sees a figure walking towards him. He believes it to be Lioconvoy, but the figure reveals himself to be Galvatron. Galvatron tells Lio Jr that there is no hope to save Lioconvoy. Lio Jr won't believe it, and runs off further into the chamber. Galvatron, meanwhile, heads for the surface of the Nemesis. After he reaches the surface, Galvatron informs the Cybertrons that both Lios have perished and soon they will too. The remaining Cybertrons refuse to give up and attack the Cybertrons. As the Cybertrons battle Gigastorm and the Cyber Beasts, Santon and Skywarp attempt to battle Galvatron. Meanwhile, Artemis and Moon watch helplessly from the moon. Lio Jr continues down the corridors of the Nemesis, but has become too tired and starts to give up hope. He falls to the ground, as Lioconvoy tries to call for him through their shared Matrix energy.

Artemis and Moon recall the beauty Gaea contains and they determine they will do all they can to protect the planet. Artemis uses her connection to Gaea to move the moon in the path of the Angolmois Energy flow. On the Nemesis, Galvatron is shocked to see that the energy flow to his creation has ceased. He looks up and notices that the moon is deflecting the energy from reaching the Nemesis. Inside the moon, Artemis and Moon are being severely injured by the effects of the energy being absorbed by the moon.

As the energy flow ceases, Lio Jr awakens and continues on his quest to see if Lioconvoy has survived. Lio Jr again feels Lioconvoy's Matrix energy and is lead to a chamber containing a green sphere. Inside the sphere, he can sense it is Lioconvoy. The two converse on a spiritual plane and their mission becomes clear. Lio Jr is soon absorbed by a green sphere similar to Lioconvoy.

On the surface of the Nemesis, Galvatron is set to attack the Cybertrons again after his energy flow was disrupted. Suddenly, a green rush of energy flows from one of the pits of the Nemesis and the Lion of Gaea, the Green Warrior, emerges from it. Gigastorm attempt to destroy the Green Warrior using his fire breath, but it does not even phase the green lion. The Green Warrior responds by using his Lion Typhoon attack against Gigastorm. The blast blows Gigastorm across the surface of Gaea. Galvatron then stands in front of the Green Lion, ready to battle.


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Note: All characters are listed in order of their first appearances in the episode. The time they appear is the time from the Japanese dub..

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