Silas is a human from the Prime continuity family.


Leland Bishop was once a Colonel with the special tactics branch of the United States Army, most likely the Rangers or Delta Force. However after Project Damocles a project he initiated was mothballed he was discharged, after that he went rogue and adopted the codename Silas and formed MECH, an organization bent on enforcing a newer world order. This would involve obtaining weapons of mass destruction. Upon learning of the Transformers' existence, he then decided to accomplish his mission by obtaining their components for his project to create MECH's own Transformers regardless of their affiliation. Silas is willing to go to any lengths to see this mission though, even teaming up with the cons or trying to get innocent people killed.


Prime cartoon

Voice actor: Clancy Brown

Leland Bishop was once a member of the special operation's branch of the military with the rank of Colonel who had a lot of crazy ideas for weapons. Nemesis Prime One of which included Project Damocles, satellites that could fire a laser at any location on Earth, which was the the source of his discharge. After losing his job, Bishop went rogue and formed MECH and adopted the codename "Silas". Grill


I just want to kill robots and take their parts. Is that wrong?

From his helicopter, Silas shot down Agent Folwer's jet, which was carrying a Dynamic Nuclear Generation System, aka Dingus, with the intent of stealing it. However, before he could come and get it, the Dingus was already hauled away in a red truck, escorted by a green SUV and a yellow car. When the ground units tried to stop them, they bumped most of them off, either disarmament or destroyed. Eventually, Silas contacted Agent Folwer himself and demanded the Dingus. Silas then proceeded to tell Fowler his plan: to obtain state of the art technology to enforce a newer world order. The three cars and now a blue motorcycle went though a tunnel. Once they came out, Silas believed to have them trapped, but then six jets came along and shot at the trucks trailer. However, the Dingus was not in it, much to Silas confusion. Then the six jets and four cars transformed into robots. Silas was happy to see the rumors confirmed before his pilot, reminding him of the Dingus. Silas contacted Fowler and told him that he figured out where the Dingus went. Silas ordered the train which the Dingus was placed on to be disarmed. During Silas first attempt to get the Dingus, the rails were rerouted by a hacker and the pilot soon stopped him. Silas' men managed to get to the roof door, but the arrival of Optimus Prime caused them to retreat. Silas blew the rails to keep the US government from keeping the Dingus. However, this desperate move was stopped by Optimus. Silas then looked at him though the cockpit, scanned his body and flew off. Convoy

A while later, MECH located Bulkhead and Breakdown fighting each other in Russia. Silas disabled both of them and landed. Silas was pleased with his new toy's before a commando informed him that there was only enough resources to transport one. Silas decided to take the Decepticon. Later, Breakdown was tied up in their facility. When the con awakened, Silas told him his plan: to tear him apart and use what ever they found to make new weapons. Later, Breakdown's right eye was taken out, converted into a two way feed and placed in a church yard for the Autobots to find when they attempted to rescue Breakdown. Silas then talked to the Autobots and introduced himself before setting off a bomb with the hopes of destroying the Autobots. He failed. After a while, Bulkhead stormed MECH's base and freed Breakdown. Silas from his copper tried to destroy them with a ray gun, but was forced to retreat when Decepticon reinforcement came. Although they lost Breakdown, they gathered enough Intel to activate Project Chimera. Operation: Breakdown.

Following Breakdown's escape, MECH picked up a Decepticon distress signal and moved in to capture this new con. However, it turned out to be Airachnid, who send the call on purpose to trap Silas and MECH, so she could make a deal with them: Airachnid wanted to kill Arcee and Jack Darby for recent events, and if Silas helped, Airachnid would give him what was left of Arcee. Silas used the spider's black box and the internet to find Jack and his mother June. June was captured and Silas forced Jack and Arcee to come to their base. Once there, Arcee was disarmed and Jack had his equipment taken. Airachnid gave Jack the task with finding June before midnight. After hearing this, Jack begged Silas up close to let them go, but Silas shoved him back, not realizing that Jack had just stolen his communicator. After the spider and the boy went off, Silas began to suspect that the spider would betray them, so he had the MECH Surgeon to open up Arcee and steal her spark without worrying about making a mess. However, Arcee awoke and took off, saving June and Jack from Airachnid. However, Agent Fowler and his choppers arrived and engaged the spider. Silas was frustrated that Fowler found them and then realized that Jack had stolen his comlink. Before Airachnid bailed, she scanned Fowler's chopper to which Silas was happy to have watched. Now knowing his Cybertronians acquired vehicle forms, he and MECH disappear without a trace. Crisscross

A while later, a space bridge component was stolen by Soundwave from an army base. Fowler was quick to blame Silas and MECH before realizing that it was the Decepticon's plot. One Shall Fall

Much later, MECH lured Bumblebee into a desolate place and stunned him. Once he was stunned, his surgeon stole his T-cog and fly out of the area just before Bulkhead arrived. Later, as part of Project Chimera they installed Bee's T-cog in their prototype robot but with no success. However, Starscream turned up to their base with a proposal: If they could find Energon for Starscream then Starscream would show them how a T-cog is used. Silas accepted. Operation Bumblebee, Part 1

As MECH was scoping out an energon deposit, Silas became annoyed with Starscream's chattering. Later, just as they got their prototype up and running, Bumblebee attacks the MECH base attempting to retrieve his T-cog. Silas evacuated his men while Starscream dealt with the Autobot. But when the ex-Decepticon met up with Silas outside, the human was disappointed to hear that Starscream lost the T-cog. Though Starscream insisted that they would have other opportunity to pilfer another, Silas wasn't content to wait and extracted Starscream's T-cog, leaving him unable to fly. Operation Bumblebee, Part 2

With Starscream's T-cog, Silas constructed a knockoff of Optimus (later dubbed Nemesis Prime by Miko). Setting up a telepresence control console in an abandoned plant, Silas tested out his Transformer by siccing it on Agent Fowler in vehicle mode and later assaulting a U.S. military base in robot mode, framing the Autobots for the deed. The Autobots later put the pieces of the mystery together and go hunting for Nemesis Prime. Silas controlled Nemesis Prime as he dispatched the Autobots one-by-one before eventually confronting Optimus himself. But before he could finish off the Autobot leader, he is interrupted by Fowler, who had infiltrated the base. Leland distracted himself from the controls to fight Fowler, gaining the upper hand due to Fowler's out-of-shape physique, only to soon realize that Fowler was merely distracting him. He managed to get back to the controls but Optimus' renewed attack was faster than Nemesis Prime could counter. Optimus then delivered a slamming finish, incidentally causing the roof to collapse and Silas' puppet to fall on him. MECH is able to pull Silas out of the wreckage before the U.S. military arrived on scene. Determining he had sustained extensive damage to his internal organs, MECH vow to keep their leader alive by any means necessary, as they bring out Breakdown's remains. Nemesis Prime

MECH are successful in fusing Silas to Breakdown's remains, making him "the perfect meld of man and machine". Determining that MECH has outlasted their usefulness, Silas massacres his entire organization before stealing Project Damocles from a military base, attracting the attention of the Decepticons. Silas, referring himself as C.Y.L.A.S. (Cybernetic Life Augmented by Symbiosis), boards the Nemesis, where he offered his services to Megatron, stating that he could provide what the Autobots already have -- "the human factor". He offered up Damocles, which would enable Megatron to target anywhere on Earth. C.Y.L.A.S. remained on the Nemesis while Soundwave secured the interface code from the military base in Colorado. But as the Autobots attempt to stop the theft of the code, C.Y.L.A.S. tells Megatron that though Soundwave would need to fully download the code to use Damocles on the Nemesis, but he can control the satellite from the base, which C.Y.L.A.S. deploys into space. However, Raf attempts to hack the satellite, but the Decepticons detect his hack. C.Y.L.A.S. is sent to Jasper, Nevada to destroy Raf's house and stop the hack. However, he is blindsided by Bulkhead, who was assigned by Ratchet to guard the house. Bulkhea assumed it was Breakdown before C.Y.L.A.S. revealed his true nature. Though Bulkhead slowly began losing the fight due to his Tox-En recovery, Smokescreen's timely arrival allowed Raf to send Damocles falling into the atmosphere, forcing Megatron to order C.Y.L.A.S. to retreat. Back on the Nemesis, Megatron tells C.Y.L.A.S. that since Damocles was the best he could come up with, he leave Knock Out to experiment on him. The Human Factor

C.Y.L.A.S. became the subject of Knock Out's Synthetic Energon experiments. Due to the synth-en's incomplete formula, each infusion burns out C.Y.L.A.S.'s natural energon reserves faster while driving his human side made with rage. Starscream, who had rejoined the Decepticons, saw potential of using C.Y.L.A.S. as a supersoldier, and, seeking to upstage Shockwave's Project Predacon, had Knock Out add a small dose of Dark Energon into C.Y.L.A.S.'s next infusion, believing it would grant Megatron control over him. This caused C.Y.L.A.S. to break free of his bonds and the side-effect of the experiment had turned him into an Energon-sucking Terrorcon. Though Starscream and Knock Out are able to outrun him, C.Y.L.A.S. resorted to draining the energon from Vehicons, turning them into Terrorcons too. C.Y.L.A.S. soon broke into the warship's vault and breaks open Airachnid's stasis pod, freeing her from stasis. After a short fight, C.Y.L.A.S. is able to deliver one bite before Airachnid brings him down with her webbing. As she tears him apart to ensure that "Breakdown" doesn't recover, Airachnid is surprised to see Silas. She thanks him for freeing her, but Silas tells her it is she whom he should thank for releasing him from his torment, before dying. Thirst


  • He has grey hair and has scars on his face.
  • His real name was first revealed on a toy and first mentioned in "Grill" by Folwer in cartoon.
  • Silas doesn't seem to mind making deals with the Decepticons as it has happened twice by now. Of course, he usually ends up betraying them.
  • He has the same scars on his face as Starscream.

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