Lindy Simmons is a human in the IDW Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Reporter Lindy Simmons works for TV station K-IDW. In addition to being a fairly hot blonde, seems to have a knack for being on the scene of giant robot-induced calamities.

Devastation issue 3

—Did you get that? Tell me you got that!, Lindy Simmons, more times than she'd care to admit


IDW Comics continuity

Lindy and her two-man crew were reporting on the strange destruction of Auto Solutions and several surrounding businesses in Riverside, California. Suddenly, the ground began to shake, and a huge tank appeared out of nowhere, nearly running over Lindy and crushing several cars. The tank targeted the remains of the destroyed buildings, and blasted them into flaming ruins, before changing into a jet and flying off. Lindy demanded to know if her crew had captured the incident, but all they could do was gape. Infiltration issue 3

Months later, Lindy and her crew were reporting from the other end of the continent, in Pensacola, Florida, where pieces of an unknown object fell from the sky, smashing local buildings. As she filmed her report, a really huge tank smashed through a building and began blowing up parked ambulances. When one of the ambulances made a run for it, the giant tank turned into some kind of wolf-thing-monster and bounded away after it. Lindy demanded to know if her crew had captured the incident... and her cameraman gave her the thumbs-up: "I got it." Devastation issue 3

The camera scoop would shortly be overshadowed when K-IDW got a helicopter over the scene of an entire battle between giant robots. Devastation issue 4

Associated characters

  • Cameraman - a beefy redheaded guy with a goatee.
  • Sound man - a thin blond guy.