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Redline and Falcia take a desperate gambit to save a teammate's life.

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Linkage Part 7Edit

Plot: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Script: Hirofumi Ichikawa
Pencils: Ichikawa, Hirofumi
Inks: Ibid
Lettering: ?
Colors: My hero
Editor: ?


Inside the Super Stunt Team's spaceship base, the five Mini-Cons construct a machine that will send Redline and Falcia into the Linkage, the Mini-Cons' shared "soul dimension". Once inside, the two seek out the mind of Twirl (whose Mini-Con storage panel was broken in battle) before it can diffuse forever into the Linkage, and bring it back to the physical world into a new body created by combining their own energies.

While in the Linkage, Redline notices something...

The plan is a success, and Twirl is revived. She offers to help out everyone in any way, mostly via redecorating the ship. A mildly-bewildered Stella asks that since Twirl's body is a combination of Redline and Falcia's energies, if this makes her their baby. Both "parents" quickly and loudly deny this.


  • TBA

Items of noteEdit

  • The battle where Twirl's panel was broken happened last issue.
  • Redline and Falcia plug energy cables into their toys' Powerlinx ports, a nice toy-driven detail.
  • Falcia's energy-form bears a resemblance to Beast Wars Airazor's Transmetal form. Considering her name was inspired by an early working name of Airazor's, it's appropriate. Redline's resembles his pre-Earth robot mode.
  • A lot of text in this episode with little action. But it's a vital setup for events in later issues, plus helps explain some of the events of the cartoon as well.
  • What's that glowy red thing Redline sees inside the Linkage? All shall be revealed....
  • Page four is not a bio, but an explanation of the Mini-Con "digital entity frame", giving an explanation to the Mini-Cons' unique physiology.

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