Lio Convoy Assassination Plan is the twenty-ninth episode of Beast Wars II. It first aired in Japan on November 04, 1998 on TV Tokyo.




The Nemesis continues to draw closer to Gaea.

At the Destron base, Thrust and Dirge watch footage from Max B and Hellscream's first attack against the Cybertrons. They worry that they are inadequate in their forms, since they have not yet absorbed any Angolmois Energy. Determined not to quit, they head out to prove themselves worthy. At the Cybertron base, Navi (the Cybertron computer, now in the form of a floating drone) informs the Cybertrons that Destron forces have been located at a location. Lio Junior, Santon, and Skywarp head off to investigate.

Lio Jr arrives at the location of a deserted building. Inside, he sees a light in the shadow and heads towards it. The light rushes towards him, surrounds him, and turns into a spherical cell around him. Thrust and Dirge, who have set that trap, appear from their hiding spot, and attempt to take off with the cage. Santon and Skywarp intervene` and free Lio Jr. They form Magnaboss and drive Thrust and Dirge off. Thrust and Dirge locate Lioconvoy, and decide that defeating him would make an even larger impression on the Destrons. They attack the lion, but Lioconvoy easily defeats them with his Lion Claw and Lion Typhoon attacks. The Lion Typhoon sends the jets off into the distance, where the Autorollers pick them up and drag them to Gigastorm. Gigastorm transforms to base mode, and asks the jets to step inside. Inside Gigastorm, Thrust and Dirge are strapped to an operating table and connected to tubing. Gigastorm then appears over the monitors and informs the Destrons that they are going to be pumped full of Angolmois Energy in order to become better and stronger. The Angolmois Energy converts Thrust to Thrustol (a cybernetic raptor) and Dirge to Dirgegun (a cybernetic bee).

Meanwhile, Scuba has used the Tako-Tank to reach the site of some fissures caused by the Nemesis approaching. As he investigates, he is attacked by the new Cyber Beasts. Thrustol, in raptor mode, rams Scuba with the horn on his head and freezes him. Thrustol even looks shocked, as he didn't know he had that power. The Cyber Beasts then encoutner Tasmanian Kid and Bighorn. Dirgegun flies overhead and uses the fans on his wings to produce an ear-deafening noise. Even though the attack is effective against Kid and Bighorn, Dirgegun stops because the attack is hurting Thrustol as well. The two leave Kid and Bighorn, and go to find more Cybertrons. As they leave, Kid and Bighorn figure out who they were. They then attack Lioconvoy, who quickly discovers who they were. Lio Junior, assisting in the thawing of Scuba, senses Lioconvoy is in danger. He takes the Tako-Tank cycle and saves Lioconvoy. Thrustol and Dirge attempt to fight back, but are defeated.

As the sun sets on another day, the Cybertrons discuss their latest victory as the Nemesis draws even closer.

New Destrons: Dirgegun, Thrustol Last Appearance: Dirge, Thrust


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