Season 1: 1999-2000

#TitleWriterDirectorOriginal airdateProduction code
1 The Reformatting Marty Isenberg,
Bob Skir
September 18, 1999
Escaping from strange new foes and unable to transform, the four surviving Maximals encounter a mysterious supercomputer which converts them into powerful new warriors—and a new kind of Transformer. 
2 Master of the House Marty Isenberg,
Bob Skir
September 25, 1999
Reformatted into new technorganic bodies, the Maximals come face to face with the source of their troubles. 
3 Fires of the Past Marv Wolfman October 2, 1999
The Maximals are attacked by three new Vehicon foes, Tankor, Jetstorm, and Thrust. 
4 Mercenary Pursuits Michael Reaves October 9, 1999
The Maximals have a second run-in with the Vehicon generals and Optimus senses the presence of a familiar Spark. 
5 Forbidden Fruit Steven Melching October 16, 1999
A new ally, Nightscream, offers a strange new energy supply, but is it a blessing or a curse? 
6 The Weak Component Rodney Gibbs January 12, 1999
Frustrated by his inability to transform, and ashamed of his uselessness when he finally does, Rattrap makes a deal with the devil. 
7 Revelations Part I: Discovery Brynne Chandler Reaves January 19, 1999
The Maximals discover what happened to the inhabitants of Cybertron, and Blackarachnia learns more about the Vehicon general, Thrust. 
8 Revelations Part II: Descent Marv Wolfman November 6, 1999
Cheetor and Rattrap make a surprising discovery about their missing memories and the identity of Tankor
9 Revelations Part III: Apocalypse Steven Melching November 13, 1999
Nightscream pursues Jetstorm who has captured Blackarachnia's spark, meanwhile Optimus and Rhinox have a heart to heart. 
10 Survivor Brynne Chandler Reaves November 27, 1999
Megatron targets Nightscream for capture, so he can learn more about how Nightscream was able to survive the virus and obtain his beast mode. 
11 The Key Marv Wolfman December 4, 1999
Tankor discovers an ancient weapon within the Oracle, none other than the Key to Vector Sigma
12 The Catalyst Robert N. Skir,
Marty Isenberg
December 11, 1999
Rattrap uses a catalyst program to accelerate the growth of the plants at the Maximal stronghold, and Blackarachnia learns the truth about Thrust. 
13 End of the Line Steven Melching December 18, 1999
Megatron and Optimus are set to go head to head with dueling doomsday weapons, and both seem willing to destroy Cybertron to gain victory. 

Season 2: Battle for the Spark - 2000

#TitleWriterDirectorOriginal airdateProduction code
14 Fallout Marty Isenberg,
Bob Skir
February 9, 2000
After releasing a weapon deadly to all "traditional" Transformers,Optimus Primal must face the consequences of his actions. 
15 Savage Noble Len Wein February 16, 2000
The Maximals discover a strange new organic creature, but what secrets does Savage/Noble hide? 
16 Prometheus Unbound Marv Wolfman February 23, 2000
The Maximals infiltrate Megatron's fortress, but are betrayed by their new friend. 
17 In Darkest Knight Marv Wolfman March 1, 2000
Blackarachnia is finally able to free Silverbolt from his Vehicon mindset, but he doesn't seem too happy about it. 
18 A Wolf in the Fold Brynne Chandler Reaves March 8, 2000
Intent on teaching Optimus the "purity" of a mindles, mechanical world, Megatron unleashes a new virus that turns the Maximals into their own worst enemies. 
19 Home Soil Meg McLaughlin March 15, 2000
A spaceship crash-lands on Cybertron, releasing a tentacled alien monster. The Maximals and Vehicons both rush to take control of the secrets of the ship. 
20 Sparkwar Pt. I: The Strike Brooks Wachtel March 22, 2000
While searching for the missing sparks, the Maximals are attacked by two new Vehicon generals, and Botanica must abandon her pacifistic ways to save them. 
21 Sparkwar Pt. II: The Search Michael Reaves March 29, 2000
The Maximals continue their search for the missing sparks. 
22 Sparkwar Pt. III: The Siege Steven Melching April 5, 2000
Having found the imprisoned sparks, the Maximals have to race against time to stop Megatron from consuming them and becoming a god. 
23 Spark of Darkness Nick Dubois
Megatron has been defeated, but zombies keep attacking the Maximals all over Cybertron. 
24 Endgame Pt. I: The Downward Spiral Michael Reaves April 19, 2000
Under siege inside Megatron's floating fortress the Maximals must protect the captive sparks against Megatron's final push. 
25 Endgame Pt. II: When Legends Fall Steven Melching April 26, 2000
The Maximals make their last stand against Megatron and his Vehicon army. 
26 Endgame Pt. III: Seeds of the Future Robert N. Skir May 3, 2000
As the last two sentient creatures on Cybertron, Optimus Primal and Megatron stage their final battle as the Beast Era draws to a close.