Beast Wars II: Super Robot Lifeform Trasformers (1998)

#TitleJapanese titleWriterOriginal airdate
1 "The New Forces Arrive!" 新軍団登場! Junki Takegami 1 April 1998
A team of Maximals heads to the planet Gaea in order to save it from Galvatron's Predacons—but can they accomplish this mission with their leader missing in action? 
2 "White Lion, Run!" 白いライオン, 走る! Junki Takegami 8 April 1998
The Maximals are reunited with their leader, but the Predacons' campaign of destruction is only getting started. 
3 "Bighorn's Rage" ビッグホーンの怒り Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 15 April 1998
After seeing a red flower, Bighorn snaps... and the Predacons are in for a world of trouble! 
4 "The Lake Trap" 湖のワナ Kazuhiko Gōdo 22 April 1998
Tasmania Kid's desire to make a name for himself lands the rest of the Maximals in danger. 
5 "Galvatron Revived" 復活ガルバトロン Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 29 April 1998
The newly awakened Galvatron spells doom for the Maximals. 
6 "Mystery of the Ancient Ruins" 古代遺跡のナゾ Junki Takegami 6 May 1998
An energy source in some ruins attracts the attention of the Maximals. 
7 "The Insectrons Arrive" 昆虫軍団現わる Kazuhiko Gōdo 13 May 1998
The Insectrons arrive, but will they fight for the Maximals or the Predacons? 
8 "Friend or Foe? Insect Robo" 敵・味方? 昆虫ロボ Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 20 May 1998
The manipulated Insectrons battle the Maximals! 
9 "The Strongest Tag Team?" 最強タッグ結成? Kazuhiko Gōdo 27 May 1998
A device that supposedly detects Predacons causes a conflict between the Insectrons and the Maximals. 
10 "Autorollers, Roll Out!" オートローラーズ出撃せよ! Kazuhiko Gōdo 3 June 1998
The Autorollers seek to form a new faction and use Bigmos's debt to Autostinger to boost their ranks with the Insectrons. 
11 "Danger! Scissor Boy." 危うし! シザーボーイ Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 10 June 1998
Starscream seeks to destroy the Insectrons by making them drunk. 
12 "Galvatron Runs Wild" ガルバトロン大暴走 Junki Takegami 17 June 1998
The Autorollers devise a plan to destroy the Insectrons before they turn over to the Maximal cause. 
13 "Predacon General Offense!" デストロン総攻撃! Junki Takegami,
Yukiyoshi Ōhashi,
Kazuhiko Gōdo
24 June 1998
You wanted a clip show of the Insectron episodes? Well, you got it! 
14 "Combined Giant Tripledacus" 合体巨人トリプルダクス Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 1 July 1998
Who are the Jointrons and why are they attacking everybody? 
15 "The Festive Jointrons" 陽気なジョイントロン Kazuhiko Gōdo 8 July 1998
The Jointrons decide they like the Maximals and move in. Their lifestyle leads to inevitable conflict. 
16 "A Terrible Combination Plan?" 恐るべし合体作戦? Junki Takegami 15 July 1998
The Predacons have devised a way to stop the Jointrons from being effective. 
17 "Who Is the Leader?" リーダーは誰だ!? Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 22 July 1998
The Jointrons fight amongst themselves to decide who should lead the team, making the kidnapping of Motor Arm easier for the Predacons. 
18 "The Black Lio Convoy" 黒いライオコンボイ Junki Takegami 29 July 1998
A camera found in some ruins has the ability to create dark doubles, including, but not limited to, Black Lio Convoy! 
19 "Space Pirate Seacons!" 宇宙海賊シーコンズ! Junki Takegami 5 August 1998
The Space Pirate Seacons arrive on Gaea, intent on taking the planet's Angolmois! 
20 "Who Is the Strongest Warrior?" 最強戦士は誰だ!? Junki Takegami 12 August 1998
Clip show time! Who is the best Transformer?! 
21 "Scuba Is Saved" イカしたスクーバ Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 19 August 1998
Scylla tries to get Scuba's love, but instead gets Bighorn's unrequited love. 
22 "Megastorm's Reckoning" メガストームの計算 Kazuhiko Gōdo 26 August 1998
23 "Showdown in the Sea" 海中の対決 Junki Takegami 2 September 1998
24 "To Face the Setting Sun" 夕陽に向かって Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 9 September 1998
25 "The Last Battle" 最後の戦い Kazuhiko Gōdo 16 September 1998
26 "Enter, Lio Junior!" ライオジュニア登場 Junki Takegami 23 September 1998
27 "Megastorm Reborn" 新生メガストーム Junki Takegami 30 September 1998
28 "New Weapon: The Tako Tank" 新兵器タコタンク Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 7 October 1998
29 "Dark Planet Nemesis" 人工惑星ネメシス Junki Takegami 14 October 1998
30 "Gigastorm's Treachery" ギガストームの裏切り Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 21 October 1998
31 "The End of Starscream" スタースクリームの最期 Junki Takegami 28 October 1998
32 "Lio Convoy Assassination Plan" ライオコンボイ暗殺計画 Junki Takegami 4 November 1998
33 "The Great Angolmois Freezing Operation" アンゴルモア冷凍大作戦 Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 11 November 1998
34 "Knock Out Nemesis!" ネメシスをぶっ飛ばせ Junki Takegami 18 November 1998
35 "Lio Junior's Revolt?" ライオジュニアの反乱! Kazuhiko Gōdo 25 November 1998
36 "Emissary of the Fourth Planet" 第四惑星の使者 Junki Takegami 2 December 1998
37 "Crisis of Planet Gaea" 惑星ガイアの危機 Junki Takegami 9 December 1998
38 "Fly Out! Planet Gaea" 飛び出せ! 惑星ガイア Yukiyoshi Ōhashi 16 December 1998
39 "Assemble, 39th Warrior" 勢揃い 三十九戦士 Junki Takegami 23 December 1998
40 "Revenge of the Space Pirates" 宇宙海賊の復讐 Kazuhiko Gōdo 6 January 1998
41 "Breaking into Nemesis" ネメシスへの突入 Junki Takegami 13 January 1999
42 "Legend! The Green Warrior" 伝説! 緑の戦士 Junki Takegami 20 January 1999
43 "Farewell, Lio Convoy!" さらば! ライオコンボイ Junki Takegami 27 January 1999
The final battle for the Angolmois is at hand. Who lives? Who dies?