Beast Wars Neo: Super Robot Lifeform Trasformers (1999)

#TitleJapanese titleWriterOriginal airdateProduction code
1 "Big Convoy, Move Out" ビッグコンボイ出撃せよ 3 February 1999 BWN-01
Big Convoy and the new Maximal recruits investigate the disappearance of Lio Convoy as well as the powerful new Angolmois capsules, scattered across the galaxy! 
2 "Chase the Mysterious Capsule" 謎のカプセルを追え 10 February 1999 BW-02
The Maximals head to the planet Godbless where they meet up with the Predacons and a strange floating mountain that holds the secret to the first Angolmois capsule. 
3 "Burning Heart Below Freezing" 氷点下の燃える心 17 February 1999 BWN-03
The Maximals locate the next Angolmois capsule on a frozen planet. Break goes on a solo mission to search for the capsule and meets up with a friendly creature who might have more to do with the planet’s freezing than he thinks. 
4 "Hang in There, Stampy" 頑張れスタンピー 24 February 1999 BWN-04
Searching for the next capsule on a planet of clouds, the Predacons manage to trap all the Maximals save for the cowardly Stampy. Now Stampy has to find a way to defeat the Predacons, save his teammates and find the Angolmois capsule all by himself. 
5 "Mirage of the Sand" 砂のしんきろう 3 March 1999 BWN-05
Big Convoy sends Break and Corada to search for the next capsule on the desert planet Donovan in order to teach the rivals a lesson in teamwork. However, their own petty differences, and some strange mirages, make it a harder lesson than they expected. 
6 "Dinosaur Combiner Magmatron" 恐竜合体マグマトロン 10 March 1999 BWN-06
On the planet Flame, Magmatron challenges Big Convoy to a one-on-one battle. But is it a trap? And who is Rockbuster? 
7 "Duel in the Labyrinth" 迷路の中の決闘 17 March 1999 BWN-07
8 "Crisis of the Black Hole" ブラックホールの危機 24 March 1999 BWN-08
9 "Sub-Commander Longrack" 副司令ロングラック 31 March 1999 BWN-09
10 "Waa! He Got Eaten" ワー! 食べられちゃった 7 April 1999 BWN-10
11 "Planet of Time" 時の惑星 14 April 1999 BWN-11
12 "Lonely Hydra" 一人ぼっちのハイドラー 21 April 1999 BWN-12
13 "Break Is a Predacon?" ブレイクはデストロン? 28 April 1999 BWN-13
14 "Ship's Log" 航海日誌 5 May 1999 BWN-14
15 "Mach Kick Voluntarily Enlists!?" マッハキック入隊志願!? 12 May 1999 BWN-15
16 "Planet of the Strongest Weapon" 最強兵器の星 19 May 1999 BWN-16
17 "Troubled DNAVI" 困ったDNAVI 26 May 1999 BWN-17
18 "Charge! Randy" 突撃!ランディー 2 June 1999 BWN-18
19 "Bump the Physicist" 物理学者バンプ 9 June 1999 BWN-19
20 "Hardhead Is Hardheaded" ハードヘッドは石頭 16 June 1999 BWN-20
21 "Personal Combat in the Deep Sea!!" 深海の一騎討ち!! 23 June 1999 BWN-21
22 "The Seized Gung Ho" 奪われたガンホー 30 June 1999 BWN-22
23 "Survive the Hot-Blooded Instructor" 熱血教官サバイブ 7 July 1999 BWN-23
24 "Assemble! New Warriors" 集まれ! 新戦士達 14 July 1999 BWN-24
25 "Mysterious Beast Warriors!?" 謎のビースト戦士!? 21 July 1999 BWN-25
The Maximals and the Predacons are in for a world of trouble when the Blendtrons arrive! Who are they and what do they want? 
26 "The Seized Capsules" 奪われたカプセル 28 July 1999 BWN-26
27 "Chase the Blendtrons!" ブレントロンを追え! 4 August 1999 BWN-27
28 "Angry Magmatron" 怒りのマグマトロン 11 August 1999 BWN-28
29 "Illusion? Lio Convoy" 幻? ライオコンボイ 18 August 1999 BWN-29
30 "Unicron Revived!?" ユニクロン復活!? 25 August 1999 BWN-30
31 "Unicron's Ambition" ユニクロンの野望 1 September 1999 BWN-31
32 "Fight! Maximals" 戦え! サイバトロン 8 September 1999 BWN-32
33 "End of the Maximals!?" サイバトロンの最期!? 15 September 1999 BWN-33
34 "The Final Battle" 最後の戦い 22 September 1999 BWN-34
35 "Graduation Ceremony!!" 卒業式!! 29 September 1999 BWN-35
Let's shoot Unicron with a gun, I'm sure that will work!