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List of KSI Prototypes (AOE)

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In Transformers 4, there is a number of Prototypes that attack Hong Kong and the Autobots. KSI has mass produced some models, however, some are unique.

Hound fighting prototypes

Hound(right) and Cade fighting two KSI Prototypes


Mass produced Prototypes

Junkheap Brothers(Triplets made by KSI)

Unique Prototypes(Main Villains)

Prototypes without pages

These prototypes need a page. Please make pages for these characters some time. If you are going to make a page for one of these characters, please give them a proper name(sorta like Trax,Two-head or Junkheap). And give them at least one photo to prove their appearence.


  • Most of the prototypes are duplicates, so you may see two of the same prototype at the same time.
  • Two-head is just a Two-Headed Shockwave, just no huge blaster on one arm.
  • Junkheap is a triplet-former. He splits into three separate Prototypes. They each combine to make a WM Dumpster Truck.
  • Stinger is a upgraded version of Bumblebee.
  • Galvatron was supposed to look like Optimus Prime, but due to Megatrons chromosomes, he ended up looking like Megatron.
  • Oreo Bot is the smallest Prototype.
  • Trax looks a lot like Stinger.
  • Big Junkheap can be seen in Transformers 3. He makes a cameo by turning into a Dump Truck.
  • Galvatron and Stinger are the only known prototypes that have Stealth Force.

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