A detailed list of episodes from the The Headmasters cartoon.

Transformers: The Headmasters: 1987–1988

#TitleJapanese titleWriterOriginal airdate
1 "Four Warriors Come out of the Sky" 空から来た四人の戦士 Keisuke Fujikawa 3 July 1987
In the year 2011, the Decepticons are back, and they've got added power in the form of the newest addition to the Transformers' war—Headmasters! 
2 "The Mystery of Planet Master" マスター星の謎 Toyohiro Ando 10 July 1987
After learning of the origins of the Headmasters and the planet Master, the Autobots race to recover the missing Matrix. 
3 "A Dream Is Born, Double Prime" 夢のダブルコンボイ誕生 Yoshihisa Araki 17 July 1987
With the missing Matrix recovered, the race is on to return to Cybertron and secure the Autobots' control of the planet. 
4 "Operation Cassette" カセット大作戦 Toyhiro Ando 24 July 1987
When Soundwave is resurrected as Soundblaster and Cybertron is attacked by the Madmachine, the Autobots respond by recreating Blaster as Twincast. 
5 "Rebellion on Planet Beest" ビースト星の反乱 Yoshihisa Araki 31 July 1987
The Autobots head for planet Beest to aid the native Beastformers in repelling a Decepticon invasion. 
6 "Approach of the Demon Meteorite" 悪魔の隕石接近 Keisuke Fujikawa 7 August 1987
Galvatron sends a gravity-warping meteor on a collision course with Cybertron, and only Daniel can save the day. 
7 "The Four-Million-Year-Old Veil of Mystery" 四百万年・謎のベール Yoshihisa Araki 28 August 1987
Scorponok lures the Autobot Headmasters into a trap on the planet Praum, where they must call upon all their training to survive. 
8 "Terror! The Six Shadows" 恐怖! 六つの影 Toyohiro Ando 4 September 1987
The Trainbots take centre stage when six shadowy figures attack countries all across the world. 
9 "Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 1" セイバートロン星危機一髪 前編 Yoshihisa Araki 4 September 1987
When Vector Sigma develops a powerful new alloy, the Decepticons initiate an all-out strike against Cybertron to claim it for their own. 
10 "Cybertron Is in Grave Danger, Part 2" セイバートロン星危機一髪 後編 Yoshihisa Araki 11 September 1987
The end looms for Cybertron as Scorponok's plan to secure power nears fruition... 
11 "The Shadow Emperor, Scorponok" 影の大帝スコルポノック Toyohiro Ando 18 September 1987
Scorponok takes command of the Decepticons, and the Autobot Headmasters must thwart his plan to seize control of an Earth satellite that can harness the energy of the sun. 
12 "The Dormant Volcano Mysteriously Erupts" 謎の休火山大噴火 Toyohiro Ando 25 September 1987
The Autobots race to rescue a Peruvian village when the Decepticons cause a nearby volcano to erupt. 
13 "Head On!! Fortress Maximus" ヘッドオン!! フォートレスマキシマス Yoshihisa Araki 2 October 1987
Fortress must reveal his ultimate transformation when the Decepticons attack San Francisco with a carnivorous plant. 
14 "Explosion on Mars!! Maximus Is in Danger" 火星爆破!! 危うしマキシマス Toyohiro Ando 9 October 1987
The Autobots attempt to stop a Decepticon plot to destroy the entire planet Mars. 
15 "Explosion on Mars!! MegaZarak Appears" 火星爆破!! 出現メガザラック Toyohiro Ando 16 October 1987
With Fortress Maximus out of power and the destruction of Mars looming ever nearer, Scorponok reveals his true face at last. 
16 "Return of the Immortal Emperor" 帰ってきた不死身の帝王 Yoshihisa Araki 20 November 1987
In the middle of Scorponok's coronation as the new Decepticon emperor, the Autobots attack and an old enemy makes a surprising return! 
17 "SOS from Planet Sandra" 惑星サンドラSOS Yoshihisa Araki 27 November 1987
The Autobots respond when an emergency request for energy comes from the other-dimensional planet Sandra. 
18 "Daniel Faces His Biggest Crisis Ever!!" ダニエル史上最大のピンチ!! Toyohiro Ando 4 December 1987
Spike attempts to negotiate peace with Galvatron, but all is not as it seems as the Decepticons, now joined by the Horrorcons, plan their next evil scheme. 
19 "Fight to the Death on Planet Hive!!" 蜂の巣惑星を死守せよ!! Toyohiro Ando 11 December 1987
When the Decepticons attack Hive, the Autobots have to prove their good intentions to the planet's inhabitants before they can save them! 
20 "Battle for Defense of the False Planet" 見せかけ星の攻防戦 Yoshihisa Araki 18 December 1987
The Decepticons' newest target is the energy-rich Twin Star planetary system, but before the Autobots can come to its defense, the Headmasters are going to have to settle their own arguments first! 
21 "Find MegaZarak's Weak Spot!!" メガザラックの弱点をあばけ!! Toyohiro Ando 18 December 1987
The Transformers' interplanetary travels bring them to planet Darhos, where the Autobots aid desperate prisoners in overthrowing the Decepticons and the planet's decadent ruling class. But that's not all - the key to defeating Scorponok is also hidden on this world! 
22 "Head Formation of Friendship" 友情のヘッドフォーメーション Yoshihisa Araki 18 December 1987
The Headmasters come to Highbrow's rescue when the Decepticons invade the beautiful world of Paradise. 
23 "Mystery of the Space Pirate Ship" 宇宙海賊船の謎 Toyohiro Ando 25 December 1987
The Autobot and Decepticon clones enter the fray as both factions search for the hidden proton energy of Pirate Planet. 
24 "Ultra Magnus Dies!!" ウルトラマグナス死す!! Yoshihisa Araki 22 December 1987
Whaddaya think happens? 
25 "The Emperor of Destruction Vanishes on an Iceberg" 氷山に消えた破壊大帝 Yoshihisa Araki 29 January 1988
With the true extent of Galvatron's master plan revealed, the Autobot Headmasters face the Emperor of Destruction in a final battle in the Arctic. 
26 "I Risk My Life for Earth" 地球に賭けるこの命 Toyohiro Ando 5 February 1988
With Scorponok established as leader of the Decepticons once more and Spike on the verge of death, the fate of Earth hangs in the balance, and only Chromedome can save the day by discovering the long-held secret of Scorponok's weak spot! 
27 "Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 1)" 奇跡の戦士ターゲットマスター (前編) Yoshihisa Araki 12 February 1988
With the Decepticons having fled Earth, the Autobots begin the clean-up operation, but things go awry when a discarded bomb threatens the planet's safety. Can the newest Autobot arrivals save the day? And what are the Decepticons planning now? 
28 "Miraculous Warriors, Targetmasters (Part 2)" 奇跡の戦士ターゲットマスター (後編) Toyohiro Ando 19 February 1988
The birth of the Targetmasters heralds another heartbreaking loss for Chromedome when the Autobots pursue the Decepticons back to planet Master. 
29 "The Master Sword Is in Danger!!" 危うしマスターソード!! Toyohiro Ando 26 February 1988
It's Chromedome and Daniel to the rescue when the Decepticons kidnap Wheelie and ransom him in exchange for the secrets of the Master Sword. But are the Autobots ready for... the Duocons?! 
30 "The Zarak Shield Turns the Tide" ザラックシールド攻防戦 Yoshihisa Araki 4 March 1988
It's a race against time for the Autobots as they search for the Decepticons' hidden base before the Zarak Shield can be completed. 
31 "Operation: Destroy the Destrons" デストロン全滅作戦 Yoshihisa Araki 11 March 1988
The Autobot Headmasters team up with the young warriors of planet Master for an attack on the Decepticons, but when things go wrong, the Master Sword and the Zarak Shield finally meet in combat! 
32 "My Friend Sixshot!" わが友シックスショット! Toyohiro Ando 18 March 1988
Separated from their comrades by an asteroid storm, Daniel and Sixshot are thrust together when they become stranded on a dangerous planet, and Daniel discovers that the ninja may not be all that he appears. 
33 "Duel on the Asteroid" アステロイドの決闘 Toyohiro Ando 25 March 1988
Chromedome and Sixshot's rivalry explodes when the ninja challenges the Headmaster to a one-on-one duel in the asteroid belt. 
34 "The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 1)" 最後の地球大決戦 (前編) Yoshihisa Araki 25 March 1988
Chaos erupts on Earth when the Decepticons return and massive "Death Towers" appear in strategic locations across the planet. Can the Autobots stop Scorponok's final attempt to destroy the world? 
35 "The Final Showdown on Earth (Part 2)" 最後の地球大決戦 (後編) Yoshihisa Araki 28 March 1988
With Death Towers all over the planet releasing energy that threatens to tear the Earth apart, everything comes down to a climactic battle between the assembled forces of the Autobots and Decepticons at the North Pole, where Fortress Maximus and Scorponok have their final showdown! 
36 "Heroic Legend: Optimus Prime VS Megatron!" 英雄伝説コンボイVSメガトロン! Masumi Kaneda Home video
Generation One clip show. 
37 "Heroic Legend: 2010 Wars" 英雄伝説2010ウォーズ Masumi Kaneda Home video
Transformers 2010 clip show. 
38 "Heroic Legend: Head On! Master Warriors" 英雄伝説ヘッドオン!マスター戦士 Masumi Kaneda Home video
The Headmasters clip show.