Super Robot Lifeform Transformers: Victory: 1989–1990

#TitleJapanese titleWriterOriginal airdate
1 "The Brave Hero of the Universe - Star Saber" 宇宙の勇者・スターセイバー Hiroyuki Hoshiyama 14 March 1989
As the Brainmasters defend Earth's moon against the Dinoforce, Star Saber once again clashes with his nemesis, Deathsaurus! 
2 "Sneak Attack! Dinoking" 奇襲! ダイノキング Toyohiro Ando 28 March 1989
The Dinoforce attack Wingwaver in space and reveal their ultimate power! 
3 "Attack! Leozack" 襲撃! レオザック Yoshihisa Araki 4 April 1989
Jean's first day at school doesn't go smoothly, thanks to an attack by the Decepticon second-in-command, Leozack! 
4 "Unite!! Multiforce" 合体!! マルチ戦隊 Hajime Suzuki 11 April 1989
The Multiforce seek to prove themselves in battle against the Dinoforce. 
5 "Move Out! Rescue Team" 出勤! レスキュー部隊 Yoshihisa Araki 18 April 1989
Holi's fellow Rescue Team members arrive on Earth just in time to help when the Decepticons attack an amusement park. 
6 "Infiltration... The Uranium Mine" 潜入…ウラン鉱山 Toyohiro Ando 25 April 1989
Braver, Laster and Wingwaver speed to the rescue of trapped human workers when the Decepticons take control of a uranium mine. 
7 "Explosion!! The Energy Base" 爆破!! エネルギー基地 Hiroyuki Hoshiyama 9 May 1989
Blacker and Wingwaver must set aside their differences as they search the Amazon for the Decepticons' new energy base. 
8 "Big City - Underground Terror" 大都会・地下の恐怖 Yoshihisa Araki 16 May 1989
Deathsaurus and the Breastforce invade American subway tunnels to steal electrical energy. 
9 "Clash!! Two Great Heroes" 激突!! 二大英雄 Toyohiro Ando 23 May 1989
Boy, a lot of stuff totally worth recapping sure happened in the last eight episodes, you betcha! 
10 "The New Warrior - Hellbat" 新兵士・ヘルバット Yoshihisa Araki 30 May 1989
Braver invents a device that tracks Decepticon brainwaves, just in time for it to detect the evil deeds of the Breastforce's newest member, Hellbat. 
11 "Attack the Shuttle Base!!" シャトル基地を狙え!! Hiroyuki Hoshiyama 6 June 1989
The Breastforce attack a spaceport in order to steal a shipment of energy. 
12 "Tanker Hijack Operation" タンカー強奪作戦 Toyohiro Ando 13 June 1989
As part of a plan to steal a tanker of gasoline, the Decepticons stay the Autobots' hands by threatening to blow up Marine City with a neutron bomb. 
13 "Move Out!! Breastforce" 出撃!! ブレストフォース Yoshihisa Araki 27 June 1989
All the times Leozack has screwed things up in one show for your viewing pleasure! 
14 "Rescue Jean!!" ジャンを救出せよ!! Hajime Suzuki 4 July 1989
Hellbat invades the Shuttle Base and kidnaps Jean and Holi. 
15 "Mach and Tackle" マッハとタックル Hajime Suzuki 18 July 1989
Investigating a mysterious land subsidence in Canada, Mach and Tackle uncover the Breastforce's latest plot. 
16 "A Fierce Battle!! The Asteroid" 激戦!! アステロイド Toyohiro Ando 25 July 1989
When spaceships begin disappearing in the asteroid belt, Star Saber disguises himself to investigate personally. 
17 "Planet Micro - The Mysterious Warrior" マイクロ星・謎の戦士 Yoshihisa Araki 1 August 1989
On the planet Micro, Star Saber and the Rescue Team join forces with the wandering warrior Greatshot to foil Hellbat's latest plan. 
18 "Rescue! Gaihawk" 奪還! ガイホーク Hajime Suzuki 8 August 1989
The Breastforce seek to expand their ranks when they attack a prison in order to free their old comrade, Gaihawk. 
19 "Unite! Liokaiser" 合体! ライオカイザー Hiroyuki Hoshiyama 15 August 1989
Trouble is brewing for Hellbat when the Breastforce bring in a new member, but to what lengths is he willing to go to ensure his place on the team when their ultimate power is finally revealed? 
20 "Assemble! The Warrior Combiner" 勢揃い! 合体戦士 Toyohiro Ando 22 August 1989
Didn’t Transformers have, like, a bunch of guys who merged into one big guy? That was awesome. 
21 "Resurrection!? The Decepticon Fortress" 復活!? デストロン要塞 Yoshihisa Araki 29 August 1989
The bitter memories that rise to the surface when Deathsaurus attempts to re-energize his fortress force the Decepticon leader into a deadly outer space battle with Star Saber. 
22 "Battle Up of Wrath!!" 怒りのバトルアップ!! Toyohiro Ando N/A
Star Saber unleashes his full fighting potential when the Decepticons make a play for the Autobot power source, Schaeffer Energy. 
23 "Fight to the Death!! Antarctic Battle" 死闘!! 南極の攻防戦 Hajime Suzuki 5 September 1989
When a Decepticon drilling operation begins to melt the polar ice caps, Star Saber clashes with Liokaiser and Deathsaurus to save the life of Jean's classmate's father. 
24 "Crisis! Ambush in the Desert" 危機! 砂漠の待ち伏せ Yoshihisa Araki 12 September 1989
The Brainmasters stumble into a Decepticon trap in the desert, but luckily for them, Greatshot is on hand to help. 
25 "A Deadly Battle" 死を賭けた激闘 Yoshihisa Araki 19 September 1989
With Blacker injured after the Autobots' last battle, Star Saber is forced to brave his own injuries to face down Deathsaurus's latest trap. 
26 "Ginrai Dies!!" ジンライ死す!! Hiroyuki Hoshiyama 26 September 1989
Wounded beyond repair, God Ginrai lies at death's door, only to discover that hope exists in the form of a reconstruction process developed by Star Saber. 
27 "Fight!! Victory Leo" 戦え!! ビクトリーレオ Toyohiro Ando 27 September 1989
God Ginrai is reborn as the ferocious Victory Leo, but will he be a threat to the Autobots as well as the Decepticons? 
28 "Ultimate Crisis!! Autobots" 絶体絶命!! サイバトロン Hajime Suzuki N/A
Remember that time when nothing in particular happened? 
29 "Awaken! Victory Leo" めざめよ! ビクトリーレオ Toyohiro Ando 3 October 1989
If Jean cannot awaken the soul of God Ginrai within the bestial Victory Leo, it's the end for him and Holi! 
30 "The Tide is Turned! The Ultimate Weapon, the Victory Unification" 逆転! 必殺のビクトリー合体 Yoshihisa Araki 17 October 1989
Deathsaurus threatens the Earth with orbital missile bombardment to keep the Autobots at bay, but he hasn’t reckoned with the ultimate power that is Victory Saber! 
31 "Jean - Defend the Campus!!" ジャン・学校を守れ!! Hajime Suzuki 31 October 1989
Laster and Holi build a personal mech for Jean, which receives its baptism of fire when the Dinoforce attack his school! 
32 "A Mystery?! The Deception of the Base Bombs" 謎?! 基地爆破の罠 Yoshihisa Araki 7 November 1989
A Decepticon has infiltrated the Shuttle Base and planted bombs throughout it... or have they? 
33 "The Death-Bringing Space Insects!!" 死を呼ぶ宇宙昆虫!! Toyohiro Ando 14 November 1989
The Decepticons unleash a swarm of metal-eating insects on the unsuspecting Autobots. 
34 "The Strongest! Victory Saber" 最強! ビクトリーセイバー Hajime Suzuki 21 November 1989
Victory Saber does some stuff. 
35 "The Terror of the Giant Tidal Waves" 巨大津波の恐怖 Yoshihisa Araki 28 November 1989
Deadly tidal waves put the world in danger when the Decepticons raise Atlantis. 
36 "The Wrath of the Resurrected Giant Fortress!" 巨大要塞怒りの復活! Toyohiro Ando 5 December 1989
Deathsaurus's fortress lives again, and not even the Autobots seem able to stand in its way! 
37 "Showdown! The Fortress vs the Victory Unification" 激突! 要塞VSビクトリー合体 Hiroyuki Hoshiyama 12 December 1989
Star Saber and Deathsaurus engage in their greatest battle yet, and everything rests on Jean's shoulders as Earth hovers on the brink of destruction! 
38 "Autobots Forever" サイバトロンは永遠に Yoshihisa Araki 19 December 1989
For the man on the go, a whole series in just one episode! 
39 "Radiant! Victorious Planet" 輝け! 勝利の星 Compiled by Masumi Kaneda Home video
Clip show 
40 "The Emperor of Destruction Wins!" 破壊大帝に勝て! Compiled by Masumi Kaneda Home video
Clip show 
41 "SOS! Global Defense Directive" SOS! 地球防衛指令 Compiled by Masumi Kaneda Home video
Clip show 
42 "Micromasters!" マイクロトランスフォーマー! Compiled by Masumi Kaneda Home video
Clip show 
43 "Victory Attack of Friendship!" 友情のビクトリーアタック! Compiled by Masumi Kaneda Home video
Clip show 
44 "Echo Across the Galaxy! Bell of Love!!" 銀河にひびけ! 愛の鐘!! Compiled by Masumi Kaneda Home video
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