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This is a list of minor characters in the Generation One IDW continuity.

Autobots Edit


Main article: Bumper

Bumper and Fastback were Autobots serving under Sentinel Prime just prior to the Great War. They were staking out a location for the illegal gladiatorial combat which allowed Megatron to rise to power. They were discovered by Soundwave and soon killed by Megatron. They received a well-attended funeral for their sacrifice. Megatron Origin


Main article: Fastback

See entry for Bumper.

Decepticons Edit

Humans Edit

Abraham DanteEdit

Main article: Abraham Dante

Agent RedEdit





Alexander HoltEdit


Georgi KoskaEdit

Main article: Georgi Koska

Joshua RedEdit

Stoker (aka Finklerock)Edit

Main article: Stoker


Doctor WestonEdit

Others Edit

Unnamed alienEdit

A mechanoid survivor of a spaceship that crashed on the same planet where Kup was stranded. Kup ignored his pleas for assistance and decapitated him with a club. Spotlight: Kup


Ku'arn is the captain of the Yar Star Trawler, an Ilxian long-haul freighter. He found Blaster floating helplessly in space and returned him to the Autobot Orbital Command Hub. Spotlight: Blaster

Main article: Ku'arn

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