The Living Metal-Destroying Cannon is a weapon from the Victory portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Say hello to my my leetle friend!

The Living Metal-Destroying Cannon is the personal weapon of Decepticon Emperor of Destruction Deathsaurus. For maximum destructive effect, the cannon links up with Deathsaurus's own systems and runs on his personal energy supply. A fully-charged blast erodes any metal—even the living metallic cells of super-robot lifeforms—leaving any opponent dead or dying.

It was destroyed a few times too; whether Deathsaurus has more than one or it can be easily repaired is unknown, though since no other Transformer has one, the latter appears more likely.


Victory anime

Returning to Earth after a mission to the Dark Nebula to re-energize his trapped fortress, Deathsaurus clashed with Star Saber in an outer space battle and unveiled the Living Metal-Destroying Cannon for the first time. He first employed it in his creature mode, but soon transformed to robot mode to link the gun to himself. After a few impressive blasts, the villain had Star Saber dead to rights, but when he pulled the trigger, he realized that he had expended his energy reserves powering up his fortress, leaving him unable to deliver the killing shot.

Later, during another battle on Earth, Deathsaurus did manage to off someone with the cannon, except it was God Ginrai, rather than Star Saber. And he got rebuilt, anyway.

The massive cannon was used in Deathsaurus's final battle with Star Saber; Deathsaurus managed to get in three deadly shots before his gun was destroyed by a laser barrage from his opponent. But none of those blasts hit, though the last one did destroy Star Saber's own gun.

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