Lobclaws are mindless drone warriors commanded by the villainous Turtler. Nearly brainless, their primary strengths are their complete lack of self-preservation instincts and sheer numbers. Aside from their powerful crushing claws, they can also use their "feelers" as whips in combat.

The Lobclaws can combine with their fellow Seacons to form King Poseidon.


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Super-God Masterforce manga


Super-God Masterforce

  • Lobclaw (Seacon, 1988)
Japanese ID number: D-315
Accessories: tri-barreled cannon, tripod rifle, connector, weapon stand base
Lobclaw is the exact same toy as the Hasbro Nautilator, transforming into a robotic lobster. It also has a third "artillery" mode formed by combining it with the larger black accessories. As a Scramble City-style combiner, it can form the arm or leg to any combination of similar-construction robots, but its nominal placement is as the hand-cannon to King Poseidon.
  • King Poseidon (Gift-set, 1988)
Japanese ID number: D-318
Unlike the Hasbro Seacon box-set, which excludes Nautilator, the Takara King Poseidon box-set comes with all six members of the team; Turtler, Gulf, Kraken, Lobclaw, Overbite and Tentakil. The individuals are identical to their individually-boxed releases.


  • As with all the other Masterforce Seacons, the Lobclaws are never shown to transform into their robot modes in the cartoon or manga. In fact, their box-art might be the only official depiction of their robot modes.

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