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Longarm was an Autobot from the Transformers Animated continuity family.

Longarm was a young Autobot, according to old historical files.

Russian name: Длиннорукий (Dlinnorukiy, Longarm)


Animated cartoon

Disguising himself as a young cadet named "Longarm", Shockwave enrolled in Autobot boot camp, but slipped up in the early days of training and was overheard reporting to Megatron by the black sheep recruit, Bumblebee. Although Shockwave managed to avoid detection right away, Bumblebee was tipped off to the presence of a traitor in the camp and suspected fellow recruit Wasp, whom he spotted leaving the building shortly afterward. Bumblebee turned to the espionage-savvy Longarm for advice, and Shockwave used the opportunity to divert attention away from himself by suggesting that the young Autobot refrain from telling their commander, Sentinel Minor, so that 'Bee could take all the credit when he exposed the traitor himself. Unfortunately, all of Bumblebee's efforts only got him in worse trouble, and his fellow recruits began to bully him, with Longarm being the only one to stick up for him. After several failures on Bumblebee's part, Shockwave took matters into his own hands during a training exercise and switched the firing equipment to live ammo in an attempt to offline the Autobot and keep the whole matter of a traitor a secret. Luckily for Bumblebee, this plan was foiled by Bulkhead.

Eventually, Shockwave found out that Sentinel Minor intended to conduct a surprise inspection, and he contrived to set up Wasp to take the fall himself. After planting a Decepticon communicator in Wasp's locker, Shockwave, as Longarm, informed Bumblebee of the upcoming inspection, telling him that it was his last chance to find the evidence he needed. Using one of his extensible limbs to trip up Wasp, Shockwave allowed Bumblebee to palm Wasp's locker key as 'Bee helped him up, allowing him to find the communicator and show it to Sentinel. In the end, Wasp was dragged off to prison, and Longarm commended Bumblebee for his deductive work.

Subsequently, Shockwave graduated boot camp and became a member of the Cybertron Elite Guard. Now "Longarm Prime", he became head of Cybertron Intelligence and remained in this position, hiding in plain sight, for the fifty stellar cycles that Megatron was lost on Earth. Autoboot Camp

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  • Shockwave (Voyager, 2008)
    • Japanese ID number: TA-14
Representing his double nature in the cartoon, Animated Shockwave becomes both the Autobot Longarm and Decepticon Shockwave, featuring four distinct modes. In "Infiltration Mode," the shorter, stockier Autobot Longarm transforms into a four-legged crane platform. If one fancies, one can stretch out his Shockwave-mode limbs to emulate his limb-stretching ability in Longarm mode (albeit not very well). In "Spy Mode," he stretches and converts into the taller, lankier Decepticon Shockwave, as the crane portion of Longarm's body converts into a hand-held cannon. The center panel on his chest flips between Autobot and Decepticon symbols. Both chest symbols are vacuum metalized, with very shiny silver and gold. Curiously, while the rotating faction symbols on his chest use the usual "classic" designs, the tampographed Decepticon symbol on his cannon/crane is in the movie style, and is visible in his Autobot modes. Additionally, the only mode in which Longarm's head is not fully visible is Shockwave himself.
All the differences between Shockwave and Longarm can be difficult to remember, even for Hasbro. In the "tank mode" picture at right, the secondary guns are incorrectly folded back. On the back of this toy's box, there are several small transformation errors, the most obvious being that only one of Shockwave's shoulders has been correctly rotated up. Also, the toy instructions do not show Shockwave's neck as correctly extended (his chin is touching his chestplate in the instructions, just as for Longarm). They also fail to mention that you can bend his upper torso forward as Shockwave to better replicate the slouch that he has in the cartoon. In his Longarm mode, it is also possible to extend his neck and push the tab forward, so that he maintains his Longarm face while having a better-articulated neck.
The instructions for the trilingual packaging version of Shockwave have an odd error, in the space that should explain the transformation for his hands, is a glitched/overlapping version of the final two steps instead.
  • Shockwave VS Bumblebee (Multi-pack, 2009)
A predominantly purple redeco of the Voyager toy, this version of Shockwave is packaged with an apparently unaltered Activators-class Bumblebee figure. Shockwave retains his four modes and gimmickry within each. A Target stores exclusive, this set was available simultaneously with the Sunstorm/Ratchet multi-pack. Although this version seems to be a less convincing Autobot due to its purple paintjob, in one respect he would be a better spy in this form, as the redeco doesn't have the Decepticon symbol on the cannon arm to give him away. The Autobot and Decepticon symbols are also now red and purple, as opposed to the original silver and gold.