This article is about the Universe Autobot ibex. For the Beast Machines Maximal bull, see Longhorn (BM).
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Longhorn is an Autobot from the Universe portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Longhorn is some guy. Depending on how you feel on author intent, he might be Ramulus.


Fun Publications Cybertron comics


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At the end of the Universe conflict, Longhorn was part of Optimus Primal's army of the Children of Primus. After successfully defeating the Minions of Unicron, Unicron began to disintegrate beneath them, and Longhorn and a few others were carried by Primal through a transwarp portal that led them back home. Revelations, Part 2

Note: Though 3H dissolved before Universe was completed, the as-of-then yet-unreleased redeco of Ramulus was intended to serve as a new body for him. Artist Dan Khanna has clarified [1] that the use of that redeco, released by Hasbro as "Longhorn," in the art on the left is supposed to be Ramulus in new colors.



  • Longhorn (Deluxe, 2005)
    • Accessories: Horn assembly/claw-weapon
A redeco of Ramulus, Longhorn transforms into a Transmetal 2 ibex. His beast-mode horn assembly becomes a hand-held weapon for robot mode, with a gear-activated "pincer" action. Flipping the skullcap of the beast-mode head up reveals a spark crystal.


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