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Lookandfind transformers

Where's Waldo Megatron?

Look and Find Transformers is a large-format childrens find-the-object book for the 2007 live-action film.

Vital Statistics

ISBN 978-1-4127-6817-7
ISBN 1-4127-6817-7
Barnes & Noble ISBN 1412768179
Writer: Caleb Burroughs
Illustrator: Art Mawhinney
Pagecount: 16pp

Originally published: Publications International, Ltd., 2007


The Decepticons are out to conquer Earth, but help is hidden in plain sight, can you find the Autobots so they can save the day?


  • Arctic 1897
  • Bobby Bolivia's used car lot
  • Desert village
  • Sector Seven rescue
  • Hoover Dam
  • City battle
  • Murray Wright High School


  • All the locations and events in this book are lifted from the 2007 movie except the epilogue at Murray Wright High School. Murray-Wright is a real high school in Detroit. Presumably one of the book's creators went there and made it the location of a second Autobot contingent settling on Earth as an in-joke.
  • Strangely, this book's copyright dates from mid 2006, due to the movie's original projected release date of November, 2006.
  • Starscream is drawn with the earliest known head design in his appearance within this book: A more skull shaped head that seemingly lacks a neck as it connects to his torso.

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