Lord Imperious Delirious is an alien from the Transformers in 3D portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Perhaps he is friends with General Grievous.

The massive, six-armed Lord Imperious Delirious is the leader of the Destructons. His "Delirious Fire" attack scrambles mental circuitry on top of the whole "destroys stuff" thing.

He has the most awesomely ridiculous name in the history of the universe.


Transformers in 3-D

Lord Imperious Delirious and his Destructons were confined by the Logicons millions of years ago within a "dimensional barrier" on an unnamed planet, powered by twin spires.


How the slag does he talk and breathe fire at the same time?

When an Andegean science party discovered the spires, Lord Imperious Delirious manged to get a message out to them, pleading their fellow peace-lovers (cough cough) to release them by destroying one of the spires. The Andegeans were attacked by their enemies, the Kalkar, who killed the lead scientist, Charc Dulth. Lord Imperious Delirious promised that he and his allies would destroy the Andegeans' enemies if they were free, and in desperation, an Andegean named Doza destroyed one of the spires. In gratitude, the Destructons destroyed the Kalkar... and Lord Imperious Delirious personally annihilated Doza.

Later, Ultra Magnus's party, while searching for Metascan Alpha and the Logicons, ran across the Destructons attacking another (unnamed) planet. Ultra Magnus engaged Lord Imperious Delirious, but fell before the Delirious Fire and called for a retreat. Kup, however, stayed behind, distracting the Destructons and ensuring the Autobots' (brief) escape. The Destructons followed and ran across Cyclonus and the Terrorcons, who had also been following Magnus' crew. The Decepticons were just as ineffective as the Autobots in stopping the Destructons, and the two sides chose to join up against the new threat. The War Against the Destructons, Chapter 1 of 3

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