The Lords of Chaos[1] are the pantheon of gods Unicron originally belonged to. The Lords of Chaos were beings of pure energy that reigned over the twilight at the end of the previous universe. They were omnipotent, boundless, each one supreme unto itself.

However, they were neither omniscient nor immortal. When one of their number became consumed by his hunger and declared himself 'the devourer of worlds,' setting out to eat the Universe, the other Lords of Chaos didn't realize until too late that themselves are actually part of the Universe.


  • The concept of the Lords of Chaos were retconned and replaced by the story of the One.
  • One of Unicron's titles remains "Lord of Chaos"[2] as a holdover from this.


  1. Named in Letters page (Marvel UK) #282
  2. Alpha Trion identifies Unicron as the Lord of Chaos in Transformers Universe #3 (2004)

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