Macdonald Purnell put out a series of Transformers coloring and activity books in the UK in 1986.

They lacked individual titles, and most had no story, though some included short comics.

Macdonald purnell beachcomber

"Must escape crayon-smeared, newsprint prison!"

Colouring Book (Beachcomber)

ISBN 0-361-07162-0

Content: Black & white battle scenes. Some of them based loosely around an Autobot assault on a Decepticon mountain foretress, others not.

Trivia: Beachcomber, who appears on the cover, does not appear inside.

Macdonald purnell prime

Damn it, Soundwave, keep your cat off my lawn!

Colouring Book (Optimus Prime)

ISBN 0-361-07162-0

Content: Black & white illustrations of Transformers based on their box art.

Trivia: This book has the same ISBN as the Beachcomber one. Though their contents were different, they are, from a retail standpoint, fungible.

Macdonald purnell bombshell

Nobody knew why there was a giant billboard in the middle of nowhere that said "Sticker Fun Book," or who had put it there. Once the giant robot bugs showed up, nobody cared about things like that.

Sticker Fun Book (Bombshell)

ISBN 0-361-07157-0

Content: Ravage stalks his prey in the middle of a confused battle, only to be foiled by Jazz.

Trivia: Bombshell appears on the cover in his Diaclone coloration. (See also Salvo

Macdonald purnell soundwave

Freaky centaur Warpath, and Cosmos incinerating what looks like it might be Bumblebee, Jazz, or maybe Grimlock. Do I even NEED to comment?

Activity Book (Soundwave)

ISBN 0-361-07207-4

Content: Various activities and three short stories; Power Failure, Bridge Builder and Seeing is Believing. Also, Skywarp has a giant maze shaped like the Decepticon symbol, craazy!

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