Her relation to Jesus is unknown.

Madonna is a human musician known for her song "Material Girl". The Autobot Jazz is a fan of it.


Marvel Generation One comics

After Ratchet had revived most of the Autobots from their prolonged deactivation at Shockwave's hand(s), he had them test out their automotive forms. They all were able to reach top speed and transform properly... except for Jazz, who remained in his automobile mode, with a pop song blasting from his speakers. Ratchet asked if he was unable to transform, but Jazz replied that he simply didn't want to interrupt Madonna's song.

The song ended, and was followed by a news broadcast about G.B. Blackrock. Jazz didn't care much for the story, and switched his radio off. DIS-Integrated Circuits!

Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Madonna's legacy and popularity (if not career) survived well into the 2010s and perhaps beyond, as evidenced by a bar visited by the Decepticon Headmaster Juniors which bore of a poster of her on its wall, depicting the cover to her album, You Can Dance. Eliminate the Godmaster Ginrai

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