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Specifics: Toy
Magnificus is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.
Stand close, small friend.
M SipherAdded by M Sipher

Magnificus (マガニフィカス) is the former Decepticon military counsul of the Mebion domain, wrongly ousted by his rivals. Sent into pit-fighting arenas, Magnificus has developed an incredible level of fighting skill.

He has teamed with the Micronaut Ga'mede, a kindred spirit who he rescued from a death at the hands of betrayers himself, and together they wreak a terrible revenge on those who wronged them. The two have amassed an impressive arsenal of destructive weapons over the course of numerous campaigns.


Dreamwave Comics

Probably not a Headmaster.
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A black clone of Perceptor created by Shockwave was seen inside a cloning tube in a secret underground facility on Cybertron, alongside several other alternate-color clones of various characters. The Protectobots were later combing over the lab to secure it for the Autobots.

Note: Since the clone's appearance pre-dates the release of the Magnificus toy by over a year, officially, he's not Magnificus, just a convenient pre-existing color scheme for the toy body. In fact, of the six clones seen, three were previously officially same-character alternate-color toys ("Movie Preview" Ultra Magnus, Twincast and Soundblaster), and one other was never officially a clone previously (Ricochet). But fans have made the obvious retcon.


Generation One

  • Magnificus & Ga'Mede (Decepticon, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: 68
    • Accessories: "Ion Rifle", "Spear Gun" missile launcher, 3 missiles
An e-Hobby exclusive redeco of the Perceptor toy, Magnificus transforms into a working microscope (though not with a very high magnification rate), as well as a tank that Microman figures can ride. As with all Japanese releases, he has a fully-functional spring-loaded missile launcher weapon, where the US versions had to have them weakened for safety reasons.
He came with his partner Ga'mede.


  • Magnificus' coloration is based on the mold's original pre-Transformers Microman colors. This toy was designed to work with the then-current Microman figures. The set of Magnificus and Ga'Mede is a celebration of Transformers and Microman's shared history with Takara.

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