Magnus is an Autobot military rank in the Transformers Animated continuity.

Magnus is a higher rank than Prime and Minor among Autobots for the Supreme Commander. It is currently given to Ultra Magnus. It is similar to the original rank of "Prime" for Autobot leaders. The Magnus Hammer is passed on from each Magnus to the next. (One day it will belong to Sentinel. Creepy, no?) Alpha Trion is seen as a vice Magnus and Sentinel is the next one to come.


Transformers Animated cartoon

It was only shown that Magnus was a rank when Sentinel was told that he would "make a fine Magnus someday". So Sentinel is going to be the next Magnus when Ultra Magnus goes Offline. (Hmm, Sentinel Magnus?) Rise of Safeguard

The "Magnus Hammer" which is supposedly given to each Magnus. It was stolen by Ratchet after saying that it is the property of Ultra Magnus, the current Magnus, not the Elite Guard and that he would keep it until he was repaired. This Is Why I Hate Machines

The hammer was later given to Optimus when he had to defeat the Lugnut Supremes. Endgame, Part I Endgame, Part II

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