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Mahfouz is a human in the Movie continuity family.
Movie Mahfouz

Despite the predicament he is in, he seems pretty cheerful.

Mahfouz is a young Qatari boy who has grown to be good friends of Captain William Lennox and his Army Ranger unit stationed at SOCCENT Qatar. Though he appears to hang around the base, he hails from a villiage some distance away, where he lives with his father, Akram.


Transformers (2007) film

Actor: Ashkan Kashanchi

Mahfouz gave water to his friend William Lennox shortly after the Ranger returned from a mission behind enemy lines. Soon afterwards, SOCCENT Qatar was attacked by a mysterious helicopter that turned into a giant robot. Mahfouz followed Lennox and his men to cover as they tried to avoid the robot.

The next morning, after the group successfully escaped the attack that destroyed SOCCENT Qatar, Mahfouz led Lennox's unit to his village where they could find a telephone to contact the Pentagon. However, as they arrived at the outskirts of the village, the group was attacked by a giant metal scorpion that killed Sergeant Donnelly. Lennox's men ran to the relative cover of the village as the town militia joined the US soldiers in defending their home. Mahfouz led Lennox to his house where his father Akram provided the Captain with a cell phone to call the Pentagon.

After the US Air Force repelled the giant scorpion, Mahfouz was reunited with his father. Given that the scorpion died two years later, he can probably sleep better at nights now. Transformers

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