The Maintenance drones are non-sentient drones from the Generation One continuity family.

The Maintenance drones were a series of bipedal mechanoids that were produced on Cybertron.

They possessed a grayish skin color with a white face which only showed two eyes. Their programming was suited for maintenance tasks which made them incapable of more complex tasks such as combat. As such, they were easily destroyed against more militant enemies.


The Transformers cartoon

After the Autobots along with Alpha Trion journeyed down the lower levels of Cybertron in order to meet Vector Sigma, they encountered the Centurion droid protectors. They were unable to fight the robotic guardians and escaped into a chamber where they found several dozen deactivated maintenance drones. They used the drones as a way of combating the immensely superior centurion droids. The first wave of drones were easily destroyed by the centurions while the second wave went on a suicidal trip off a cliff which destroyed both the drones and the centurions. The Key to Vector Sigma, Part 1

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