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The "Make Prime Speak" contest was run during production of the 2007 live-action movie. Entrants were to submit a line and then voted upon then. The top thirty would advance to a "judging round", where the film crew then decided the winning top ten would be spoken by Peter Cullen for various endorsements while the most voted (and thus "true winner") would be included in the film. The winning line eventually was determined to be "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings".


The following is list of all entries, as shown on the Make Prime Speak site, in order of "most votes".

  • "Do a barrel roll!"
  • "Megatron must be stopped, no matter the cost!"
  • "Megatron, when I'm done with you, you'll be lucky if there's enough of you left to transform into a handgun!"
  • "These pretzels are making me thirsty!"
  • "One shall stand... one shall fall."
  • "That's how I roll."
  • "Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong."
  • "I can't explain the flames... they're just cool."
  • "It is not our world, but it is our war. We must do what is right and protect the innocent. Autobots...ROLL OUT!"
  • "Humans seem weak, but possess something stronger than anything Autobots or Decepticons can manufacture: SPIRIT."
  • "All sentient beings have the right to life, and these humans are no different. We must protect them, no matter the cost."
  • "This is not our world... but it is now our responsibility."
  • "I see the evils that men do. I am not blind. It’s what they could do be that I fight for."
  • "There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory."
  • "Greatness is measured not by wealth, power, or strength; but by service, honor, and sacrifice."
  • "Tyranny and injustice must always be fought, no matter how long the battle, or how far it may take you from home."
  • "I thought you were made of sterner stuff, Megatron."
  • "First, we crack the shell... then we crack the nuts inside."
  • "Alpha Trion said there'd be days like this."
  • "Humans have a myth about a man called the Ferryman, Megatron. You're about to meet him."
  • "Freedom is the right of sentient beings."
  • "Now all we need is a little energon... and a lot of luck."
  • "Survival of the fittest? You're on the wrong side of the blaster to champion that, Decepticon."
  • "If you truly believe I'll go down that easily, Megatron, you've already lost!"
  • "This world should learn from its own mistakes, not ours."
  • "Be it machine or man, the defense of all that is good and sacred in the universe must be our common bond."
  • "Autobots transform, let's roll."
  • "As long as Energon flows through these circuits, I will always be there to stop your attempts at tyranny."
  • "In our search for relevance, we stumbled upon destiny."
  • "If we fall here today, Earth will only be the first of many planets that will fall to the Decepticons."
  • "We Autobots wage a battle to destroy the forces of the Decepticons. They ruin worlds. I won't let them have this one."
  • "We fight together, we die together... Autobots for life."
  • "Megatron! It's time we end this right here, right now!"
  • "The burden of leadership is its heaviest when you lead those you care about, but they help to bear the burden with you."
  • "We draw the line here. If we die, we die for a cause bigger than any of us - FREEDOM."
  • "If man has put his faith on machines, our duty is to pay back the favor."
  • "I... shall... not... fall!"
  • "I am Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, and I will not be defeated."
  • "Their shadow has been cast over the city, we must provide the light."
  • "Are you a Decepticon or a Deceptican't?"
  • "My strength lay not in my metal body my fellow Autobots, but in the mettle of my soul."
  • "You are powerful, you can destroy me! You can destroy the Autobots, but you can't destroy our will, our cause, and our destiny."
  • "War is nothing new to mankind; perhaps our war will shine the way so humanity may finally accept the notion of peace."
  • "There is more than meets the eye when dealing with us."
  • "This is the end of the road, Megatron!"
  • "Our courage is their hope."
  • "That is a question you should be asking yourself, Megatron."
  • "The world may forget who have fallen here, but their ideals will live on forever."
  • "I'll be back."
  • "Now if could just transform this war into a time of peace."
  • "It's time to send your spark back to Cybertron, and put your body on the scrapheap, where it belongs."
  • "Every living being, deserves freedom."
  • "The universe deserves freedom, and I will see that it gets it."
  • "We kept silent for many for many years, but we cannot. They would deny our existence, but we've always been here."
  • "Hold it right there, Megatron!"
  • "Never let your past determine your future."
  • "I've been fighting long before you were even assembled!"
  • "The eternal light of good will always overcome the darkness of evil."
  • "We can't stand by and watch the destruction of this beautiful planet."
  • "The power of one is the power of many. Megatron knows this and will use his pawns to destroy your world."
  • "Don't test me."
  • "Megatron, you may have power but you lack the courage of even the smallest of Autobots."
  • "I must break you!"
  • "Come on, let's see what you got!"
  • "They've left us no choice... now we have to do what we've been trying to avoid all along."
  • "The universe will lose one of its greatest champions today, Megatron. So my question to you is... is today your day?"
  • "I am not human, but I feel your fear."
  • "He's conquered worlds... enslaved countless civilizations across the universe... and now he's on Earth... it's Megatron!"
  • "We may be machines but we still know right from wrong."
  • "You or me Megatron, this ends now. Your reign of terror and injustice will end with your demise."
  • "We will not allow you to commit genocide."
  • "Fear breeds hate."
  • "Time is fast running out. Autobots, let us make this battle decisive. For if Megatron wins, Earth will be destroyed!"
  • "Autobots, this is Cybertron's and Earth's darkest hour. If we don't stop the Decepticons now, all hope is lost."
  • "This isn't a war between beasts; it's a war between machines."
  • "It has ended for you!"
  • "You are going down, Megatron!"
  • "Megatron won't get away with killing another planet. I would rather let myself die instead."
  • "The fate of Earth is a dark uncertainty but we must do everything in our power to halt Megatron's heinous assault."
  • "Put down the humans Megatron, they are under my protection."
  • "You will not pass!"
  • "I may be a machine, but as far as I am concerned, I have the heart of a human."
  • "Autobots are not afraid to fall in the name of unity."
  • "The only way you subjugate this planet is over my dead chassis!"
  • "It is time to cease your blind pride, Megatron. There's no space in our Earth for your evil means!"
  • "Battle begins."
  • "Transformers, gear up!"
  • "For Cybertron's sake, what is going on here?"
  • "The world can only take as much as it can hold; it is time for us to finish this war."
  • "I will stop you wherever you go, Megatron!"


  • If you think some of the above entries are bad, be glad that this didn't happen.
  • The contest went down poorly among fans, particularly when it was revealed the line "Do a barrel roll" received the most votes because of the group known as YTMND, who had pushed for the similar inclusion of the line "I'm the Juggernaut bitch" in X-Men 3.

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