This article is about the Emergency Team Mini-Con helicopter. For the Safeguard Team Mini-Con muscle car, see Makeshift (Universe).
Makeshift is a Mini-Con from the Armada portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

How appropriate the team has both an Osprey and a crash-response truck in it.

Like his teammates on the Emergency Mini-Con Team, Makeshift throws himself wholeheartedly into his search-and-rescue operations. However, unlike his somewhat emotionally-needy ally Prowl, Makeshift seems completely selfless in his duty, not even seeking verbal praise for his works. When he's not helping people, he's learning more methods of helping people — be those people mechanical or organic.

Though he's not much for battle, he's seemingly indispensable on the battlefield, thanks not only to his ability to tend to the injured quickly and competently, but because of his sharp mind and improvisational skills in a tight spot. If Makeshift has a fault, it's that his desire to save seems to extend even to his enemies; he will only fight in self-defense, and even then he'd rather scare attackers away without hurting them.

In the Universe conflict, Makeshift (or an alternate-universe version of him) is partnered with the Autobot Whirl and fellow Mini-Con Gunbarrel.

Japanese name: Twist


Cartoon continuity

Dreamwave Armada comic

Makeshift is one of the many Mini-Cons who gathered on Earth in preparation for the trip back to Cybertron and the battle with the chaos-bringer Unicron. Presumably, he joined Over-Run at the Loop, where the Mini-Cons channeled their energies through the Matrix and dealt the fatal blow to Unicron.



  • Emergency Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-20
Makeshift transforms into a twin-rotor helicopter similar to an Osprey. He has a third "weapon mode" transformation, becoming a double gatling-cannon. He was only available with his teammates Firebot and Prowl.
Late in the Armada series, the Team was redecoed. Makeshift got a predominantly blue color scheme in this release, the only one of the set to not have an apparent G1 homage deco. (Though he does kind of dimly resemble Rotorbolt.)
This mold was also used to make Bulge, Impulsor, Rotor and Scythe.
  • Emergency Micron X-Dimension (Basic, 2003)
Japanese ID number: MM-21
A low-run regular-retail "X-Dimension" redeco of the Emergency Team was made available in Japan, in midnight blue and orange. This was the final set of X-Dimension Mini-Cons released.


  • Autobot Whirl with Makeshift & Gunbarrel (Ultra, 2004)
Makeshift was redecoed for the Universe series, in a scheme very similar to Impulsor, but darker and less saturated. He was only available as part of an Ultra-sized multi-pack along with Whirl and Gunbarrel.

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