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This article is about the movie character. For the Generation One character, see Manny (G1).
Manny is a human from the Movie continuity family.
Movie Manny

"This suit is loco!"

Manny is Bobby Bolivia's mechanic. His cousin dresses up as a clown and scares away white folk.

His boss doesn't like it when Manny "goes Ricky Ricardo" on him.


Transformers (film)

Actor: Carlos Moreno, Jr.

Not liking the sales drop as a result of Manny's cousin complaining about melted makeup in his eyes, Bobby ordered Manny to handle the situation. This led to an argument between the cousins. Later, Bobby asked Manny about the sudden appearance of a Camaro in his lot. Manny claimed he'd never seen it before and it was loco. When the Camaro's door mysteriously swung open hard enough to put a large dent in the car next to it, Bobby directed Manny to bring his cousin and some hammers to "bang" out the damage. Transformers


Manny isn't the first Hispanic mechanic to tinker with Transformers.

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