Mantis is a Maximal Insectron from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Ninja insects!!!

Of all the Insectron warriors, Mantis is by far the most hostile. He likes peace and quiet and if disturbed he’ll explode into a fit of rage that’s nearly impossible to avoid. Though he seems like an absolute nutcase, he only wants one thing: relaxation. As a member of the Insectrons, he and his cohorts left Cybertron in an attempt to escape the wars that never seemed to go away. He had thought he had found a safe haven on Gaea. Now that the battle has been shifted to his new home, he doesn’t care what side he fights on just as long as everyone leaves him alone!

Unfortunately, he has a constant thorn in his side: Autolauncher, who seeks to crush Mantis and prove he's the best disc-slinger there is. But Mantis' telekinetic control of his discs in mid-flight certainly give him an advantage.


Beast Wars II and Neo animation

Voice actor: Hiroki Takahashi (Japan)
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Beast Wars II manga

IDW Beast Wars continuity


Beats Wars II

  • Mantis (Deluxe, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: C-20
  • Acessories: 2 discs
This figure is a redeco of the Predacon Manterror, with the purple to changing blue. That's about it. He transforms into a praying mantis, with a pressure-launch disc launcher hidden in each horrible foreclaw.
  • Mantis vs Autolauncher (Vs pack, 1998)
    • Japanese ID number: VS-20
Mantis was available both as an individual and in a two-pack with his rival Autolauncher.

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