Marcelo Matere (1979- ) is a Brazilian artist. He is a freelance artist for Hasbro and has done comic book illustration for 3H, Dreamwave, Titan Magazines and IDW.


Commando em ação

Packaging art


He also did the package art for Armada's Corona Sparkplug and Wind Sheer, but it is undetermined if these were published anywhere.




Beast Wars Tenth Anniversary


Star Wars/Transformers

Universe (2008)

Toy design

Matere has done additional toy design work for Hasbro, such as on Cyber Stompin' Bumblebee, as well as doing the character design work for the Robot Heroes figurine line.

Comic book art


  • More Than Meets The Eye (G1) #4
  • More Than Meets The Eye (G1) #5
  • More Than Meets The Eye (G1) #6
  • More Than Meets The Eye (G1) #7
  • More Than Meets The Eye (Armada) #2
  • Energon #30



Titan Magazines UK

Convention Appearances


  • Matere was originally contracted to do 8 pages for Megatron Origin, part 4, which were drawn and submitted to IDW. However, apparently Alex Milne was also contracted to do those pages, and his versions were used instead.

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