Marco is a human in the Animorphs continuity.

Marco is an Animorph.

Marco's known animal forms include a gorilla, a shark, and a pair of dismembered T. rex legs.



  • Marco/Gorilla (Deluxe, 1999)
Part of the first wave of Animorphs toys, Marco transforms from a human who clearly ingests steroids instead of food into a gorilla, as well as a transitional third mode combining features from both. His gorilla mode hands are separate pieces that attach like gloves. He also had a chain accessory to use as a weapon, presumably because gorillas don't have sharp claws and are therefore pathetic weaklings.
  • Marco/Beetle (Deluxe, 1999)
Marco's second retail toy transforms from a rather beetle-y human into a beetle, as well as a transitional third mode combining features from both. His beetle mode antennae are removable.
  • Tri-Rex (Super, 1999)
This version of Marco was available only in the Tri-Rex giftset, along with Jake and Cassie. The toy has neither a human mode nor a complete animal mode; Marco transforms from a human/dinosaur transitional form into the midsection and legs of Tri-Rex.


  • Marco's last name is not Polo. Or maybe it is. He's not telling.

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