That's the beard he has. In the... present.

Marty Isenberg is an American television writer responsible for co-story editing Beast Machines alongside Bob Skir and story editing Transformers Animated. When he joined the Animated production staff his first task was to revise the production bible. Later on, he would pen the original-story Animated comic series for IDW. It is his goal to make Animated "the most fun Transformers series ever". Rock on, Marty.

Marty has also dabbled with voice acting, providing the voice of Animated Optimus Prime for the series' test-track to get early animation before David Kaye was cast for the role.

He has also contributed a significant amount of work for Cartoon Network and other properties. His highest profile non-Transformers work has been as a writer for the revival of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Other works include such comic-to-cartoon properties as Batman the Animated Series, Spider-Man, X-Men and Sam & Max: Freelance Police!, usually in partnership with Bob Skir.

Transformers credits

Story editor


Beast Machines

Transformers Animated

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Voice actor

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