Mary is a human from the Super-God Masterforce portion of the Generation One continuity family.
Mary mf

"I'll get that Ino for calling me 'forehead girl!'"

Mary is Chris's sister. Though everyone else says he's become a hoodlum since joining the Jack Boys, he and his friends have never been anything but kind to her, and she knows he has a good heart.


Super-God Masterforce cartoon

Voice actor: Mayumi Shō (Japanese)

Mary witnessed Chris's abduction by the Jack Boys and ran to find a police officer. Instead she found Shūta Gō in his police car Transtector. Leading them to a location in the desert she knew the Jack Boys hung out at, they rescued her brother.

Mary and Chris were invited to the Autobot Headmaster Juniors' farewell barbecue. Go, Goshooter - Showdown in the Wasteland