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Masato Hirano (平野 正人 Hirano Masato?) (born November 16, 1955) is a Japanese voice actor who has starred in such notable series as Crying Freeman, One Piece and the original Dragon Ball.


  • Abominus
  • Groove
  • Hardhead
  • Jazz
  • Slag
  • Slingshot
  • Trypticon
  • Wide Load

Super-God Masterforce

  • Diner owner (episode 24)
  • King Poseidon
  • Phoenix
  • Turtler


  • Drillhorn
  • Kakuryu
  • Doctor Minakaze
  • Zone
  • King Poseidon
  • Menasor


  • Hirano was one of few Japanese voice actors who got to perform an "image song" for his characters: the hilariously bizarre "See See Seacons" for the Super-God Masterforce soundtrack.

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