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The Masterpiece line is a series of Transformers created by Takara to update a character's G1 toy with today's advanced engineering techniques. "Masterpiece" Transformers tend to be very expensive, with an average price of 10000 yen (roughly $80 at current conversion rates). Currently, the Masterpieces appear to be on a bi-yearly rotation, with a new being released in the spring or the fall.

MP-1 - Convoy

This is a representation of G1 Optimus Prime in die-cast.

20th Anniversary Optimus Prime

Hasbro released this to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Transformers franchise, it comes with shortenned smokestacks and replaces some of the die-cast part with plastic.

20th Anniversary DVD Optimus Prime

Version that includes a DVD

MP-1 - Convoy Lucky Draw

Gold re-coloring of MP-1.

MP-1l - Convoy Last Production

Last chance for MP-1 at retail.

MP-1B - Black Convoy

Black-recoloring of MP-1, representation of G1 Nemesis Prime.

MP-2 - Ultra Magnus

White re-coloring of MP-1, representation of G1 Ultra Magnus.

MP-3 - Starscream

This toy is designed by mechanical designer Shoji Kawamori who had designed some of the original Diaclone toys, including F-15 Robo which would become Starscream and the rest of the seekers, he also famously designed the VF-1 Valkyries which Habsro recolored as Jetfire. It was designed to resemble a real-life jet hence the dark grey color scheme, there is a lot of kibble used to cover up the robot parts to form a streamlined fuselage such as the parts of the rear fuselage that hang off the hips like sheaths.

He comes with a non-transforming Megatron gun, as used several times in the show, and a stand that can support him in aircraft mode and robot mode (as he is very prone to falling over)

Masterpiece Starscream

For the American release, Hasbro had recolored MP-3 based on his G1 toy design (with blue nosecone as opposed to grey like in the show), no changes were made to the engineering, however.

MP-3G - Ghost Starscream

Cast in clear plastic to depict his "ghostly" visage.

MP-4 - Convoy Perfect Edition

A rerelease of MP-1 that comes with his iconic trailer as well as Roller

MP-4S - Convoy "Sleep Mode"

Recolorization of MP-4 to resemble the deathbed scene from The Transformers: The Movie, the trailer is made from transparent plastic give a ghostly effect. There are weathering effects on this version with tints to his red and blue color-scheme as opposed to totally grey/black colors like Black Convoy to place emphasis that this is a dying version.

MP-5 - Megatron

Representation of G1 Megatron.

MP-6 - Skywarp

Recolorization of MP-3, representation of G1 Skywarp.

Masterpiece Skywarp

Hasbro version.

MP-7 - Thundercracker

Recolorization of MP-3, representation of G1 Thundercracker.

MP-8 - Grimlock

Additionally, Takara released their own version of Hasbro's G1 colored Masterpiece Starscream with reduced weathering details.

Masterpiece Grimlock

The Hasbro release of MP-08 came with a crown, gun and sword.

MP-08X - King Grimlock

Release with the accessories provided in the Hasbro version.

MP-09 - Rodimus Convoy

MP-09B - Black Rodimus Convoy

Darker color scheme.

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime

Hasbro release of MP-09.

MP-10 - Convoy

An entirely new mold, comes with scaled Roller and a trailer too. Each of the Masterpiece Autobot Cars that come following this toy are scaled such that they can fit in the trailer.

MP-10B - Black Convoy

Redeco to represent Black Convoy/Nemesis Prime.

MP-10 Convoy Mode "EVA"

MP-10 Convoy Mode "EVA" 7

A recoloring of MP-10 in Eva Unit-01's green and purple color scheme as part of the TRANSFORMERS MODE EVA crossover series. His trailer has been painted white with NERV livery around (with a Roller figure with a yellow NERV logo), he can store a red-colored matrix inside his chest and has a red NERV logo on his right shoulder.

Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Hasbro release of MP-10.

MP-11 - Starscream Coronation Version

This is a retool of MP-3 Starscream. This robot mode looks more like Starscream in the show, instead of looking like a real F-15 Eagle like MP-3 does. The aircraft mode is no longer streamlined due to the removal of a lot of the kibble, the tail fins are now part of the legs. The feet are completely remolded and viewable Jet engines also serve as heels for Starscream in robot mode, providing better balance. Starscream no longer has detachable missiles; instead, his weapons are attached to his arm (just like in the show), using ball joints, they can attach to the wings in aircraft mode, this allows you to transform Starscream without taking anything apart, not even the weapons.

MP-11 comes with new accessories such as a crown and a foldable cape, as seen in The Transformers: The Movie, although he lacks to stand that allows you to display him in aircaft mode.

MP-11s - Sunstorm

Redeco to look like yellow seeker Sunstorm.

Masterpiece Acid Storm

Hasbro exclusive

MP-12 - Lambor

MP-12 is a representation of Sideswipe, he can transform into an accurately detailed Lamborghini Countach, the toy is official licensed by Lamborghini too.

MP-12t - Tigertrack

Redeco to look like Tigertrack.

MP-13 - Soundwave

Soundwave (G1).

MP-14 - Red Alert

Retool of MP-12.

MP-15 - Rumble & Jaguar

Rumble (G1) and Ravage (G1).

MP-16 - Frenzy & Buzzsaw

MP-17 - Prowl

MP-18 - Bluestreak

MP-19 - Smokescreen

MP-20 - Wheeljack


MP-21 Bumblebee

Bumblebee with Spike in an Exosuit.

MP-22 Ultra Magnus

トランスフォーマー マスターピース ウルトラマグナス02:34

トランスフォーマー マスターピース ウルトラマグナス

An entirely new mold to depict Ultra Magnus accurately in accordance to the television series (even a red bumper) The cab is scaled to match MP-10 Convoy but it does not transform into the "inner robot". However h

Like MP-10, the Autobot Cars can fit on to his trailer and the ramps can be adjusted to allow the cars to exit.

Accessories include the Matrix of Leadership, removable hands that allow him to hold the matrix as he did in the movie. All of his weapons are included including his super blaster gun. Spike and Daniel Witwicky figures are also included.

His collector's coin folder is designed to look like his chest and the inside matches his waist (although the crotch piece is upside down.

Included the the box is a "History of Ultra Magnus" showing his toy incarnations from all series; from G1 to Car Robots God Magnus, to Micron Legend Ultra Magnus (who was renamed into Overload in the Armada dub) to Fall of Cybertron and beyond.

MP-23 Exhaust

A redeco of MP-20 with a new head. Exhaust is a new character based on the Diaclone toy that would become Wheeljack. He has a Decepticon insignia.

MP-24 Star Saber

Representation of G1 Star Saber.


  1. New Sillhouette Image of MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack
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