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The Masterpiece line is a series of Transformers created by Takara to update a character's G1 toy with today's advanced engineering techniques. "Masterpiece" Transformers tend to be very expensive, with an average price of 10000 yen (roughly $80 at current conversion rates). Currently, the Masterpieces appear to be on a bi-yearly rotation, with a new being released in the spring or the fall.

MP-1 - Convoy

This toy is the Japanese equivalent of 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime.

MP-1 - Convoy Lucky Draw (gold version of Convoy)

MP-1l - Convoy Last Production (last chance for MP-1 at retail)

MP-1B - Black Convoy

MP-2 - Ultra Magnus

MP-3 - Starscream

MP-3G - Ghost Starscream (cast in clear plastic to depict his "ghostly" visage)

MP-4 - Convoy Perfect Edition (comes with trailer)

MP-4S - Convoy "Sleep Mode" (which depicts Prime's last moments)

MP-5 - Megatron

MP-6 - Skywarp

MP-7 - Thundercracker

MP-8 - Grimlock

Additionally, Takara released their own version of Hasbro's G1 colored Masterpiece Starscream with reduced weathering details.

MP-08X - King Grimlock

The Hasbro release of MP-08 came with a crown, gun and sword.

MP-09 - Rodimus Convoy

MP-09B - Black Rodimus Convoy

MP-10 - Convoy, an entirely new mold for Optimus Prime and his trailer.

MP-10B - Optimus Prime Black Version

MP-11 - Starscream Coronation Version

MP-11s - Sunstorm

MP-12 - Lambor

MP-12t - Tigertrack

MP-13 - Soundwave (G1)

MP-14 - Red Alert

MP-15 - Rumble & Jaguar (Ravage)

MP-16 - Frenzy & Buzzsaw

MP-17 - Prowl

MP-18 - Bluestreak

MP-19 - Smokescreen

MP-20 - Wheeljack[1]

Hasbro Versions

20th Anniversary Optimus Prime

20th Anniversary DVD Edition Optimus Prime

Masterpiece Starscream

Masterpiece Skywarp

Masterpiece Grimlock

Masterpiece Rodimus Prime

Masterpiece Optimus Prime

Masterpiece Thundercracker

Masterpiece Soundwave (with all of the data disks)

Masterpiece Acid Storm (Hasbro exclusive)


  1. New Sillhouette Image of MP-20 Masterpiece Wheeljack
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