This article is about the Japanese promotional video for "The Transformers: The Movie". For the movie itself, see The Transformers: The Movie.


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"Matrix Forever" was a 20-minute video created to promote the Japanese release of The Transformers: The Movie in 1989. Technically, the full title of the promo video is "Transformer the Movie Mokushiroku Matrix yo Eien ni" (トランスフォーマー・ザ・ムービー 黙示録 マトリクスよ永遠にー), or "Transformers: The Movie—Apocalypse: Be Eternal, Matrix". Yes, that's a punctuational nightmare. "Matrix Forever" will do.

The video includes a preview trailer for the film, a collection of Transformers TV series openings, and some TV commercials for the toys.

A widespread misconception among fans holds that The Transformers: The Movie itself was retitled Matrix Forever in Japan.[1]

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